01/8Prunella vulgaris has amazing health benefits

Prunella vulgaris has amazing health benefits

Prunella vulgaris is a herbaceous plant that is medicinal in nature. This herb that has purple flowers and large leaves has been used for centuries to treat many health issues. Even though there is limited research on it, many claim it can help reduce the risk of diseases like cancer and diabetes, as well as infections and viruses. It is known to have health benefits because it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Flavonoids, tannins, and ursolic, rosmarinic, and oleanolic acids are some of the beneficial compounds it contains. Here is what you need to know about the potential health benefits of prunella vulgaris.


02/8Has anti-viral properties

Has anti-viral properties

Viral infections are pretty common these days and the prunella vulgaris plant has been used for centuries to help treat such infections. It contains strong antiviral properties and can work wonders in getting rid of viral infections.


03/8Suppresses allergies

Suppresses allergies

Anyone who has any form of allergy knows just how annoying and painful it can get. Since prunella vulgaris contains anti-inflammatory properties, it is also used in treating such allergic responses. It is known to be able to treat chronic sore throat and even pinkeye.


04/8Can heal wounds

Can heal wounds

This plant can work wonders in treating wounds since it contains vulnerary, demulcent and astringent abilities. It is known to be able to effectively treat cuts, burns and scrapes.


05/8May help treat diabetes

May help treat diabetes

High blood sugar levels can cause serious complications for diabetes patients. One study conducted on rodents found prunella vulgaris could help reduce blood sugar levels. The herb contains compounds that hamper enzymes that can break down carbohydrates in the body. This process can lower blood sugar levels. Prunella vulgaris may also protect against atherosclerosis, which can significantly increase your risk of a heart attack.


06/8May treat herpes

May treat herpes

Prunella vulgaris can be a powerful treatment against herpes simplex virus (HSV), which can cause contagious sores around the mouth and genitals. A study found prunella vulgaris can prevent HSV cells from spreading. Topical creams that contain prunella vulgaris have also been found to reduce the number of sores and skin lesions that is caused by the virus.


07/8May have anti-inflammatory properties

May have anti-inflammatory properties

Because prunella vulgaris contains anti-inflammatory properties, there is a possibility it could help treat many inflammatory diseases. A study conducted on mice found this herb can help tackle colitis, an inflammatory disease of the colon that can cause rectal bleeding and diarrhoea. However, researchers have yet to uncover the herb's healing properties that can be beneficial in treating these kinds of diseases.


08/8May contain cancer-fighting properties

May contain cancer-fighting properties

Prunella vulgaris contains properties that could help fight cancer. Test-tube studies conducted on the plant reveal it contains carbohydrates that can prevent tumour growth and kill cancer cells. This herb may also protect against cell damage as it contains caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid. One study also found breast cancer patients who took medication that contained the herb lived longer. More research is needed to fully understand how it can be used as part of cancer treatment.