01/5Planning to start a diet? Read through these Dos and Don'ts first!

Planning to start a diet? Read through these Dos and Don'ts first!

These days there are a plethora of fad diets that have taken over the world by storm. Whether it's the keto diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet etc, there are so many diets that claim they can help you lose weight and fast. But dieting isn't about losing a lot of weight and looking extremely thin, it's about consuming the right kind of food and making sure that your weight is maintained. The bottom line is for you to be healthy. So, if you're planning on getting on a diet, read through these Dos and Don'ts of dieting first.

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02/5Do: Make healthy swaps

Do: Make healthy swaps

It's natural for you to start craving the foods that you're trying not to consume. So, don't act rashly by ignoring your cravings or else you'll just falter and give up one day and just eat everything. Instead, try to make healthy swaps for unhealthy foods. Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, opt for baked chips instead of fried ones and drink fruit infused water instead of fizzy drinks.


03/5Don't: Starve yourself

Don't: Starve yourself

One of the most important things to remember is to not skip meals and starve yourself. Yes, you will end up losing weight quickly if you don't eat but most of that weight comes from your muscle and not from fats. This can lead to even more health issues later on. Remember, there's no shortcut to losing weight.


04/5Do: Opt for some physical activity

Do: Opt for some physical activity

We all know that simply dieting is not going to help you shed any excess kilos. You also have to team your diet with some physical activity. So either try to opt for some form of exercise or if that isn't the kind of thing you'd like you could always just go for some cardio or a dance session instead. It'll help you just as much.


05/5Don't: Eat simply because you're bored

Don't: Eat simply because you're bored

More often than not we end up eating food just because we're bored. This often leads to overeating which can compromise your diet. So, make sure that you have a proper meal plan and that you stick to that meal plan or else you'll just end up gaining more weight instead of losing eat.