01/6Eye makeup removal mistakes you must avoid making

Eye makeup removal mistakes you must avoid making

Your eye makeup can pretty much make or break your entire look. This is why it's so important to get your eye makeup right and that's why we spend so much time perfecting our eye makeup. But can you say the same about removing your eye makeup? How many times have you just simply rubbed a tissue on your eyes and told yourself that was enough to get rid of all the layers of makeup you have on your eyes? Well, makeup residue in your eyes could really lead to some serious damage which is why you must ensure that you take off your eye makeup properly. Here are some eye makeup removal mistakes you must avoid making. Take a look.

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02/6Using the wrong product

Using the wrong product

You must understand that eye makeup and lipsticks are exceptionally hard to get rid of from your face. That's why you need a special makeup remover that has been made specifically for these areas. If you're using a normal makeup remover that you use for your face on your eyes then it won't work effectively in getting rid of all the makeup.


03/6Not using a makeup remover before washing your face

Not using a makeup remover before washing your face

Yes, you must use a cleanser on your face when you want to get rid of whatever makeup residue is left on your face but that is done post using a makeup remover on your skin. If you skip the makeup remover and simply go for the cleanser it won't be able to get rid of tough makeup and this will harm your skin later on.


04/6Scrubbing your eyelids

Scrubbing your eyelids

Please don't do this. Scrubs are rather harsh and are only meant to be used on areas that can take the harshness. Using it on your eyelids to get rid of tough makeup is a rather big no-no. It could cause small tears in your skin and lead to damage.


05/6Removing eye makeup last

Removing eye makeup last

Always follow these steps - remove your lipstick first, then your eye makeup and then the rest of your makeup from your face. If you remove your eye makeup last, it could lead to deposits of the makeup on the area around your eyes.


06/6Not cleaning your eyebrows

Not cleaning your eyebrows

We tend to forget that our eyebrows are part of our eye makeup routine too and so they need to be cleaned as well. Not cleaning them thoroughly will leave a coating of brow pencil product on your eyebrows and this could lead to other skin issues like zits and acne on your brows.