01/5This festive season use these beauty tips on how to look your best self

This festive season use these beauty tips on how to look your best self

The festive season is finally here and boy were we waiting for it! The season has only just begun and that means we still have to look our best selves for the rest of it. If you live in a big city like Mumbai, you know this is the time when you have to attend tons of parties and you'll have to look gorgeous at every one of them! So, here are a few beauty tips to help you out with that.


02/5Tips for your face

Tips for your face

Use face packs like multani mitti and haldi packs which are known to have herbal and medicinal properties. They help keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. Opt for skin exfoliators like an oatmeal and honey scrub to help get rid of all those dead skin cells. You should even opt for products that nourish your skin, like a banana, honey and orange juice pack. Finally get rid of that facial hair with an electronic trimmer like the Veet Electric Trimmer.


03/5Tips for your eyes

Tips for your eyes

Tired of your undereye bags? Here are a few solutions. You can use natural home remedies like placing cucumber slices on your eyes to cool them down and get rid of tiredness. You could also opt for tea bags. Place them in the freezer to chill and then place them on your eyes to help reduce puffiness.


04/5Tips for your body

Tips for your body

It's the time to show off those sexy curves in that backless choli and that sleeveless kurti. Opt for a homemade scrub like a papaya and honey scrub to exfoliate your skin. Then, you'll want to get rid of all that hair. If you don't have the time to run to the salon, we suggest investing in waxing strips like the Veet Cold Wax Strips which really work wonders in getting rid of hair. You could even opt for their hair removal creams which come in three variants, for normal, dry and sensitive skin.


05/5Tips for your hair

Tips for your hair

You'll obviously need beautiful, luscious tresses to show off this festive season. Make sure that your hair is nourished, especially since using heating tools will make your hair really dry. Use hair oils (we suggest coconut oil) at night and wash your hair the next day for gorgeous, nourished hair. You could even opt for hair masks like an egg, coconut oil and milk hair mask, to help give your hair the ultimate shine.