01/6Here's how you can help your bestie out if she had to postpone her wedding due to the lockdown

Here's how you can help your bestie out if she had to postpone her wedding due to the lockdown

You must have screamed in joy when your bestie told you that she was finally getting married to the man of her dreams. In fact, you must have dreamed of dancing to your favourite songs at her wedding. But then the coronavirus hit the world and put a dent in everyone's plans. Many people had to postpone important events like their weddings due to quarantine and lockdown situations. And if your bestie is one of them, then we're sure she's heartbroken. This is the time for you to step up and help her get through this situation. Here are a few ways in which you can lend your support to her.


02/6Try to do something special on the date

Try to do something special on the date

Just because the wedding is postponed doesn't mean the bride and groom won't remember the actual date. And they might even feel low as that date approaches. So, to cheer them up, try and do something special for them like hosting an online party with their parents and close friends so that they feel like the date is still being celebrated.


03/6Keep in touch with her

Keep in touch with her

Just because you can't be there for her physically doesn't mean you shouldn't be there for her at all. Make sure that you're constantly in touch with her via phone calls and video calls. It'll help her feel like she has someone to rely on during these trying times. Make sure to encourage her and lend a shoulder to her.


04/6Let her vent

Let her vent

Everyone has the right to crib and vent about things that go wrong in their lives. Sometimes when people don't get closure from certain things, talking about it with someone can help. So, let her vent as much as she wants without making it seem like she's being childish or making a big deal unnecessarily.


05/6Don't give unnecessary opinions

Don't give unnecessary opinions

The one thing you must refrain from doing is giving out your opinion on the situation unless she asks you to. Nobody wants to sit and listen to unnecessary opinions and advice when they're already in so much trouble. Sometimes all people want is a shoulder to lean on, so keep your mouth zipped and your ears open.


06/6Reassure her without making it sound like a nuisance

Reassure her without making it sound like a nuisance

Sometimes when we don't know what to say to someone, we just end up saying, 'It's going to be okay'. And that really is the last thing that person wants to hear because we all know that everything is far from okay. So, reassure her by telling her that no matter what you're going to be there for her. Remind her that no matter how things are, she can always count on you at least.