01/11You can use facial oil in more than one way!

You can use facial oil in more than one way!

With the winters sucking up the moisture of our skin, this might just be the perfect time to experiment with facial oils. Facial oils are known for their long-lasting moisturising properties and if you’ve found the kind that works for you – you’ve hit the jackpot. Why? Because you don’t just have to use it on the face. Read on to find out some tried and tested unusual ways in which you can use your facial oil and make the most out of it.


02/11Mix with foundation

Mix with foundation

If you’re not in the mood for a full coverage foundation but only have a full coverage foundation in your kitty, a great way to make it sheer and moisturising is by mixing a few drops of facial oil in it. Not only will it make your foundation more moisturisng but will also give you a gorgeous dewy finish.


03/11Use facial oil to treat split ends

Use facial oil to treat split ends

If you've run out of conditioner and are in need to get your hair to look decent fast, try facial oil. It helps to tackle dry hair and split ends. Best of all, it will give your hair a glossy shine. You can also use it to style your hair the way you desire. This trick is really handy to use on those days you are in a mad rush.


04/11Mix oil and natural exfoliants to make a scrub

Mix oil and natural exfoliants to make a scrub

Using face oil with natural exfoliants like coffee and sugar can help to make your skin smoother and clean. For one, the mix will help to get rid of dead skin cells. Meanwhile, the oil also helps to retain the skin's moisture. Make sure to mix the oil with exfoliants that are gentle if you are using it on your face.


05/11Apply oil before you add a moisturiser to your skin

Apply oil before you add a moisturiser to your skin

If you've never used facial oil before, this method is a great place to start. Use a lightweight oil that absorbs easily on your skin before you apply a moisturiser. If the oil you are using is heavier in texture, apply it only after you've applied your moisturiser to make sure your skin is hydrated. If you are unsure about what type of oil to use, here's a pointer. Dry oil absorbs more easily, while wet oil protects the skin from losing moisture. Wet oils are also more suitable to use in dry climates.


06/11Apply it on sunburned skin

Apply it on sunburned skin

We often don't realise how strong the sun's rays can really be even on cloudy days. Many of us are guilty of skipping the use of sunscreen on our body which offers a lot of protection. However, have no fear, there's a solution for everything. If you do get sunburned, just apply a bit of facial oil to the area. It will help heal your skin and prevent it from peeling.


07/11As a cuticle oil

As a cuticle oil

Dry cuticle beds can be more painful than we give it credit. But don’t go out buying a new cuticle oil just yet. Your facial oil will work just as well, if not the same. The facial oil has fatty acids that go right at the dry, undernourished area of the cuticle bed to moisturise it. Apply a drop or two at the cuticle bed to keep your manicure looking fresh and clean.


08/11Use it with your body lotion

Use it with your body lotion

Your regular body lotion is just not holding up to its game? The facial oil comes to the rescue. This works regardless of the kind of body lotion you use. The blend of your regular lotion and a facial oil will seal the skin with moisture, from day to night. Not to mention, mixing the oil with the lotion, warms up the product and makes applying it far easier.


09/11As a styling oil

As a styling oil

How many times has it happened that you worked laboriously on your hair for a special event, but by the time you’re about to leave, you notice your hair looks rough and over-processed. (Probably because they were!) You don’t want to add another coat of a ‘shine’ spray. It won’t do you any favours. Use a few drops of your facial oil to lightly go over your hair – your hair will instantly look more shiny and polished!


10/11As a makeup primer

As a makeup primer

How many times have you seen Instagram beauty bloggers drop (more than) a few drops of facial oil on their face before they applied makeup and cringed at the sight of it? Turns out, if you use the ‘right’ amount of facial oil, it works wonders for priming your skin and giving a healthy hydrated glow! Alternatively, you can also mix it with your foundation to make it apply more smoothly.