01/17Dry skin makeup hacks that you will start loving!

Dry skin makeup hacks that you will start loving!

People with dry skin never have it easy. Be it changing seasons or dealing with skin issues, women with dry skin always face problems in dealing with it all. It becomes a task to try to find products that best suit their skin and ensure that these products don't aggravate their skin or make it flaky. This is also why most women with dry skin don't really prefer to opt for makeup every day as it can become hectic for their skin. So, if you're wondering how to go about your makeup routine, we've got you some makeup hacks for your dry skin that won't make your face look too flaky or cakey.


02/17Use a sleeping mask the night before

Use a sleeping mask the night before

You may take a tonne of precautions to keep your makeup from your drying your skin out while applying it, but the truth is, it may all just be in vain if you don’t prep your skin with the correct skincare products. Apply a layer of a moisturising, hydrating sleeping mask the night before. This will prep your skin a night before the makeup application.


03/17Choose a sheer coverage

Choose a sheer coverage

While full coverage foundations may be great, they look like an artificial layer on people with dry skin. It’s just easier to choose a foundation with sheerer coverage. Besides, sheer coverage foundations are more nourishing in nature.


04/17Keep a hydrating mist handy

Keep a hydrating mist handy

A hydrating mist or something even as simple as rose water will help plenty for people with dry skin. With all the moisturisation, chances are your makeup will apply smoothly. But makeup is inherently drying in nature. So chances are your skin might feel dry in the middle of the day. Spray some of that hydrating goodness and dab it with a tissue to rescue your skin.


05/17Use a facial oil

Use a facial oil

A facial oil will not only add moisture to your skin, but will also ensure your skin stays moisturised for a long time. You can either moisturise and prime your face before you apply makeup, or mix just a couple of drops of the oil with your usual foundation.


06/17Skip baking

Skip baking

While baking may be a great way to make one’s makeup long lasting, it’s a recipe for disaster if you fall under the dry skin spectrum. If you wish to powder the face, to take off excess shine, lightly brush powder over face, instead of a applying a thick layer of powder.


07/17Use a makeup fixing spray

Use a makeup fixing spray

Pick up a makeup fixing spray with moisturising benefits. While it is great to help set the makeup, it can also absorb excess powder or dryness and settle into a dewy, comfortable look.


08/17Primer is a must

Primer is a must

One thing you must remember is that primers are a must if you have dry skin. Not only do they moisturise your skin but they also make for a smooth canvas for you to apply all your makeup on. First, apply a layer of primer to your skin, then apply foundation and so on.


09/17Say no to matte lipsticks

Say no to matte lipsticks

People with dry skin also often tend to have dry lips. So, even though matte lipsticks are so in trend right now, the only problem with them is that they can make your lips look even drier and flaky. It would be best for you to opt for a semi-matte or a creamy lipstick as that would give you the perfect looking pout.


10/17First, scrub it all off

First, scrub it all off

Scrubbing your face will take away all the dry skin cells from your face and so you must include scrubbing as your skincare routine. Choose the kind of scrubs that can nourish and moisturize your skin and not leave your face feeling drier than before.