01/10This balcony will surely become your favourite hang-out spot!

This balcony will surely become your favourite hang-out spot!

If you're someone who's looking to revamp your balcony or someone who recently got a new house and have a balcony to decorate, we've got you some great ideas. It sometimes becomes too risky and edgy to design a balcony according to our various desires to include everything that we can in that little space. The thing with balconies is that they're an outside space so basically you can decorate them any way you want. But that doesn't mean you should go all OTT. The best thing to opt for is decor that will help the space look more warm and welcoming. Here are some decor tips that will help you out.


02/10Opt for floor pillows

Opt for floor pillows

If you'd want to try something fun and quirky, we say do away with your normal table and chairs and throw down some floor pillows for you to sit comfortably on. Not only will you be comfy but they'll also help add an instant dash of colour and peppiness to your balcony.


03/10Use the wall space

Use the wall space

Looking to decorate your balcony as an extension of your house? Make sure to use the wall space effectively. Hang paintings or opt for art that will help resonate with the rest of your house. This way everything will seem like the perfect match.


04/10Install outdoor lights

Install outdoor lights

Patio lights can really cosy up your balcony, from lantern-style lights to colourful ones. A little light in this area will be especially good for those nights when you want to chill out with friends or just enjoy the weather. There are a variety of lights to choose from. Keep in mind the decor when picking the right one for your balcony.

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05/10Add an outdoor rug with a pattern

Add an outdoor rug with a pattern

A statement-making abstract rug may just be the item you need to bring a space together. Pick a patterned rug that matches the rest of the decor in the space. You should also ensure that it can withstand all weather conditions. Picture Courtesy: Google Images


06/10Add a small table

Add a small table

A small café table on your balcony can add just the right touch to this little space, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. If your balcony is really tiny, opt for a foldable table so you can easily store it away. Make sure to pick the right chairs to match your table.

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07/10Choose some pastel colours

Choose some pastel colours

When you have a small space to decorate, you could opt for pastel shades as they're too soothing to the eyes and gives out a very warm vibe. Pastel is such a trend these days, and by the looks of it, this trend doesn't seem likely to go away too soon.


08/10Add a hanging furniture

Add a hanging furniture

Since balconies have really little space, you can't really have big furniture sitting on the floor. Especially not the ones which you can't move. To sort this issue, add hanging furniture which could be easily changed when you need a new one or could be moved around the space whenever you wish to.


09/10Hang them plants

Hang them plants

Balconies usually look really good with planters and if you don't have enough space on you balcony floor, you could hang them up on the wall. It's quite trendy and also makes your wall look cute.


10/10Get colourful

Get colourful

If you're someone who fancies some bold colours, you could add a three-coloured theme to your balcony and make it look colourful and vibrant. Be it pillow covers or plants or even a rug, adding colours to tiny things will also make your balcony put togethe. Also, it's a good idea to add some colours to balance out the otherwise dull furniture and floor colours.