01/5Like working out at home? Try these fitness apps

Like working out at home? Try these fitness apps

If we’re being truly honest, it isn’t getting fit that is the biggest challenge, but getting fit while having a full time job and a thriving social life that is the bigger one. With long commute hours and longer work hours, going to gym and sweating it out is a distant dream. Naturally, people’s health and fitness is going to toss. However, a busy life is hardly an excuse for missing a workout. Thanks to smart phones, we now fitness apps that make you sweat out and give you a solid workout. So if you don’t have time for the gym, but still hoping to workout, here are some fitness apps that will help you out!


02/5Asana Rebel Yoga

Asana Rebel Yoga

If you’re convinced that a hot body is possible with Yoga, try this app out. If you still don’t believe in the effectiveness of Yoga for weight loss, have a look at Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s hot bods. This app not only introduces you to different yoga poses, it also tells you how to do them for an effective fat burning process.


03/5Freeletics Bodyweight — Workouts & Training

Freeletics Bodyweight — Workouts & Training

With quick, short but effective workouts, this app is perhaps tailor-made keeping the busy bee in mind. You will find workouts that are as short as 5 minutes and long as 30 minutes in the app. Only body weight workouts in this one. So, no dumbbells? No problem!


04/5Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Broke but with a heart of gold? Here’s an app that will keep your philanthropic spirit alive! Charity Miles lets you pick a charity of your choice and makes a small donation for every mile you walk, bike, jog or run.Additionally, it’s also a massively good way to push you for a workout!


05/5Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club

If this fitness app seems like very serious, it’s because it is. Whether you’re a couch potato, relatively open to working out or an expert, the app has workout for you. You will find workout clips that focus on strength, endurance and mobility with easy to follow coaching. It also has an integrative community, which aims at pushing you to get that sweaty workout!