01/4Condition your lashes

Condition your lashes

For naturally thick lashes, you need to moisturize them right. Massage petroleum jelly or castor oil on your lashes every night before going to bed. This practice is said to strengthen your lashes and promote thicker growth.


02/4Curl them

Curl them

If your lashes lack that natural wave, you need to curl them to get a nice lift and make your eyes look wider and youthful. Use a lash curler with a gentle hand before you apply mascara.


03/4Don’t forget the lower lash line

Don’t forget the lower lash line

Most of us often forget to apply mascara to the lower lash lines. This is a crucial step towards achieving a luscious lash look. Swipe the mascara wand gently on the lower lash line and be careful not to get the product on your skin.


04/4Comb them

Comb them

As soon as you apply mascara onto your lashes, take a tiny lash comb and brush out the ends of your lashes upwards for a feathery fanned effect