01/8These foods are recommended by nutritionists!

These foods are recommended by nutritionists!

Thanks to the raging #fitspo and #eat clean trend on Instagram, millennials now have renewed energy to eat right and eat clean. But this might inspire eating of certain foods that may or may not be good for you. Nutritionists and medical professionals would warn you that while certain foods are great for maintaining hormonal balance, others affect have a negative effect. Some foods will keep your diet balances; others would cause bloating, fatigue or even infertility. While keeping away from too much sugar, alcohol or caffeine is definitely wrong, introducing new superfoods into the diet will bring about a hormonal balance. Ahead are some foods you must choose!


02/8Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are extremely nutrient rich. They are one the best natural sources of selenium – a mineral that pays an essential role in the smooth functioning of the thyroid.




These are not loved by millennials for nothing. Avocado is high in heart-healthy fats and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels,. It falls under the category of monosaturated fats AKA the good fats that help lower cholesterol. If your cholesterol levels shoot up, so does your risk of heart disease. So, go ahead and order that avocado toast.




Much of the debate around soy is about phyto-estrogens, which are plant compounds that act similarly to the hormone estrogen. Though they may be useful to replace estrogen during menopause, they may influence testosterone and thyroid hormones adversely




Cinnamon has a wide place in Indian foods and kitchens. While its flavourful, unique taste is one reason, there are a few health benefits too. It helps keeping the insulin level in control and also aids in lowering bloody sugar levels, helps in increasing lean body mass and also reduces PMS symptoms.


06/8Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Before you dive into that chocolate bar, ensure that it’s dark chocolate and moderation is key! The instant sense of euphoria you feel after eating is because it reduces the levels of cortisol, the hormone released by the adrenal glands during stress.




Eggs for breakfast is great idea. According to nutrionists, eggs help in stabalising bloody sugar level, are a good source of vitamin D and promotes the health of bones.


08/8Green Tea

Green Tea

Ever wondered why you can’t go ahead without that cup of green tea? That's because green tea helps raise levels of epinephrine, a hormone that can provide extra energy in times of stress. No wonder you feel so refreshed after drinking it.