01/6Get rid of belly fat with the help of these foods

Get rid of belly fat with the help of these foods

Weight loss is a pretty tedious process on its own but what's even more difficult is to get rid of fat from your belly area. In fact, your belly fat is pretty much the toughest to get rid of as compared to other areas of fat in your body. It also happens to be the most dangerous area to have fat in because of its proximity to your liver. You could end up with a plethora of illnesses like cholesterol and diabetes. So, if you're looking to finally say no to all that fat in your belly, here are some foods you should try out.

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Yoghurt can work wonders for your digestive system by getting rid of harmful bacteria from your gut and replacing it with good bacteria that can aid the digestive process. It also happens to be a good source of carbs and protein that can help keep you satiated for long. So, grab some yoghurt the next time you want a delicious snack.


03/6Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Known for their ability to burn fat, these seeds can also help keep you satiated for long so that you don't end up overeating. All you need to do is soak some seeds in a glass of water overnight and then strain the mixture in the morning and drink the remaining water. You could also chew on the seeds if you can tolerate their bitter taste.


04/6Carom seeds

Carom seeds

Carom seeds, more commonly known as ajwain, can help get rid of bloating in your stomach. You could soak them in water overnight and then drink the mixture on an empty stomach the morning after or you could chew on the seeds half an hour before a meal to help improve the digestion in your body.




Nuts make for a perfect snack as they're packed with antioxidants, fibres, minerals, plant proteins and vitamins. They can also make you feel full so that you don't end up eating other junk food later on. So, the next time you want a snack, grab a handful of nuts instead of those chips or chocolate bars.




Packed with fibres, iron and protein, oats make for the perfect breakfast option. You could always add a bunch of fruits and nuts as toppings to lend more taste to your bowl of oats. Alternatively, you could also add some syrup or flavouring instead as long as you add it in moderate quantities.