01/7Feeling bloated? Avoid consuming these foods

Feeling bloated? Avoid consuming these foods

Okay, let's not beat around the bush. Bloating is a huge pain and it makes you feel like the worst version of yourself. You feel tired, sluggish and lethargic and you might even not have the will to do anything. But let's be honest. Bloating doesn't just occur on its own. There are multiple reasons why it happens and the most common amongst them is that we don't pay attention to healthy food habits. Eating the right foods can help keep bloating away. So, if you're feeling bloated, here are some foods you absolutely must avoid consuming.


02/7Lentils are a big no-no

Lentils are a big no-no

Lentils are pretty much the same as legumes. They contain proteins, nutrients and fibres which are super healthy for the body. However, high-fibre content can lead to bloating. They also contain certain sugars that can cause gas and bloating so try to cut down on your consumption of lentils.


03/7Say no to carbonated drinks

Say no to carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks contain high amounts of carbon dioxide which as you already know is a gas. When you drink such beverages you also end up swallowing huge amounts of this gas.


04/7Say no to dairy

Say no to dairy

If you're a fan of dairy products, we've got some bad news for you. Dairy is one of the largest contributors to bloating. So, yes, foods like cheese, milk, milk, cream and even yoghurt can actually make you feel bloated since most of you are unable to digest dairy products properly.


05/7Stay away from diet foods

Stay away from diet foods

Yes, diet products like energy bars and baked items might be super low on calorie content but they're also super high in salt and other preservative contents. And do you know what that can do to you? It can give you bloating.


06/7Try to cut down on the salt intake

Try to cut down on the salt intake

Obviously, salt is the main ingredient that needs to be added to your food but more often than not we end up adding a little extra to give our taste buds that tingle. But the problem with salt is that it is high in sodium content which can retain water in the body which leads to bloating.


07/7Try to minimise adding beans to your diet

Try to minimise adding beans to your diet

Beans are tasty AF, there's no denying that. But they also happen to contain sugars that aren't easily digestible. Because of this, people end up feeling bloated after eating beans. So, try to include them in your diet as minimally as possible so that you don't have a problem later on.