11/16Tomato face packs

Tomato face packs

Tomato face pack is made with tomato pulp, oatmeal and yogurt. Apply it to your face and leave it on for a few minutes before you rise it off with regular water. Tomatoes helps the skin to absorb more oxygen which helps your skin delay aging and also protects it from the harmful UV rays.


12/16Cucumber face packs

Cucumber face packs

Cucumber is called the ultimate summer fruit for reasons more than one. You can make the cucumber face pack by adding milk, honey, and brown sugar in to the cucumber puree and apply it on your face and leave it to work its magi for about 20 minutes before you wash it off. Cucumber face pack smoothens your skin and prevents it from any kind of irritation.


13/16Strawberry face packs

Strawberry face packs

To make a strawberry face pack, all you need is the main fruit and some honey, that's all! Chop some strawberries in a bowl and add honey to the mix. Apply this mix on your face and leave it for a few minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water once you've given it enough time and your skin will start feeling smooth and refreshed instantly.


14/16Banana face packs

Banana face packs

Take a ripe banana and chop it in a bowl and mash it with a fork till it's smooth. You can add honey and lemon juice to the mix and then apply it on your face. Give it a few minutes and wash it with just water. Your skin will get a god glow once you're done with the process.


15/16Papaya face packs

Papaya face packs

Papaya as usual has a lot many health benefits and it also helps in maintaining beautiful skin. You can take some papaya cubes and mash it well in a bowl till you get a smooth paste and then mix it with raw milk. Apply it on your face and massage it well. Once you give it some time, wash it off with cold water and your skin will feel nourished and clear soon after.


16/16Kiwi face packs

Kiwi face packs

Kiwi is a favourite fruit to many and guess what, it adds glow to your skin. Do you even need more reasons to love this fruit? You can apply kiwi face pack by adding yogurt to the mixture and leave it for around 20 mins before you wash it off. Once you get a hang of it, the kiwi face pack will leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing.