01/15These active beauty products will last your entire workout

These active beauty products will last your entire workout

The age-old debate about wearing makeup while working out remains undecided. People will always remain divided, as are we. Some will work on the elliptical while sporting a fully contoured face. While others may pay a cancellation fee to avoid wearing makeup at the gym. With the athleisure trend doing the rounds, many beauty brands came up with a concept of athleisure beauty, which was mainly sweat proof makeup. In case that seems interesting to you, read on!


02/15Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

If you find liquid foundation too heavy to work out in but would still like a little coverage, Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder is your best bet. It's oil-free and non-comedogenic (i.e. won't clog pores) so you can sweat it out without the impending fear of an acne cluster.


03/15IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Like a pair of yoga pants, IT Cosmetics' clever concealer flexes with your skin, so it's less likely to collect in fine lines or end up halfway down your cheeks. Dewy, but definitely not greasy, the added hyaluronic acid gives lacklustre skin an extra hit of hydration. It's one of the hardiest concealers we've tried.


04/15Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel

Forget sweat or saunas, we're pretty sure Wunderbrow could survive a monsoon. Complete with savvy fibres to mimic hairs and specially treated pigments for longer wear, this semi-permanent gel glides through sparse patches without completely soaking your brows in product or clumping up in places. On us, it survived HIIT and a drizzly walk home - genius.


05/15ARROW Revive Cooling Cheek Tint

ARROW Revive Cooling Cheek Tint

Birchbox's new gym-inspired beauty range is making a case for 'breathable' formulas, free of oil, gluten and parabens, so that you can work out without the worry of breaking out. Use your fingertips to blend this tint onto the apples of your cheeks for a post-spin flush that lasts.


06/15Sport FX Time Out Face Mist + Fix

Sport FX Time Out Face Mist + Fix

If there's one thing we know about exercising, it's that we sweat. Which is where Sport FX's genius spray comes in. Spritz on skin before applying make-up to make it last through even the most intense work out sessions, or spray after your work out and let the the menthol cool and refresh a flushed face.


07/15Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara

Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras tend to leave lashes feeling parched and crunchy but Eyeko's clever new formula is filled to bursting with conditioners like vitamin E, ceramide and collagen, so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. It won't smudge or flake, no matter how fast you go on the treadmill - trust us.


08/15MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

There is no question that MAC is one of the biggest names in the cosmetic world. Their Work It Out range is a must-try for women who regularly workout. It includes 16 shades of In Extreme Dimension Mascara and six shades of Crystal Glaze Gloss. It also has a mist called Prep + Prime Fix + that comes in three different fragrances. If you are looking for products with good lasting colour, you need to check out this range.


09/15Rae Cosmetics

Rae Cosmetics

This sweat-resistant makeup line was created by a Texas gal. The range includes products for the cheek, face and lip.The formulas are hypoallergenic, lightweight, oil-free and fragrance-free. It is gentle on sensitive skin and will not clog the pores or cause irritation. The reason the formulas stay on perfectly when you are sweating it out is because of the ingredients these products contain. Water resistant, chemical-free sunscreen, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are some of the ingredients.




When you are working hard at the gym or going for a quick jog, your skin can go through a lot. That's why FRÉ is a beauty brand that has designed products that protects the skin on your face while you sweat it out. It offers an SPF 30 moisturizer, an anti-ageing serum and a facial cleanser that is super hydrating. All these products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Best of all, these products are light and provide a lot of moisture.