01/9These hair mistakes will damage your hair permanently

These hair mistakes will damage your hair permanently

That beauty industry is growing manifold every passing year isn’t news anymore. While the beauty industry initially began with an influx of professional level hair products and makeup products, currently the beauty industry is ruled solely by skincare. While this a great thing for your hair, this also means a limited hair budget. Don’t get us wrong. We have nothing against cutting corners to have a budget hair routine. But sometimes cutting out hair products from one’s routine can have a lasting damage, making your hair age faster than it should. If you’re wondering if you may be guilty of some of these hair mistakes, read on.


02/9Forgetting Hydration-Packed Products

Forgetting Hydration-Packed Products
Regardless of your hair's texture, color, or length, all five experts agreed that dry, damaged, overly processed hair is one of the first things that will age you as far as your strands are concerned. Therefore, consider looking for hair care products formulated to pack an extra punch of hydration while leaning into shine and moisture-invigorating picks, like weightless oils, that can be added to damp or dry hair for a youthful sheen and bounce. readmore

03/9Using the wrong products

Using the wrong products

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is to use the wrong products and to use too many of them all at once. This tends to make your hair weigh down and can also lead to product build-up that can cause damage to your hair.


04/9Not using heat protectant

Not using heat protectant

Heat damage is real ladies! If you're someone who uses heating tools regularly then you really need to invest in a heat protecting spray or serum to help keep your hair safe. Unless you do this, it'll make your hair look like it's fried.


05/9Not embracing the greys

Not embracing the greys

Sure you might not want to embrace the greys in your hair but in all honestly, a lot of women look amazing in grey hair. So, why not just give it a try and see whether it works for you?


06/9Assuming you need to go short

Assuming you need to go short

Blame it on the constant communication by popular culture that has convinced you that cutting your hair shorter is the shortest way to look like an absolute boss babe. The society also seems to have convinced us that going shorter makes us look younger Truth be told, greys are harder to hide in shorter hair. Longer hair also looks better as you age. So if you feeling going short, just cuz, don’t. Unless you have a very good reason to.


07/9Making an extreme colour change

Making an extreme colour change

Every so often you find people who want to ‘completely’ change their look. They’d be naturally brunette but would want to go all red, all along. While this extreme shift in colour will look fabulous, but only with a glam team and a plethora of hair products. An extreme hair colour change can change the make your hair’s ageing process faster.


08/9Highlighting to cover your grey hair

Highlighting to cover your grey hair

While highlighting does make one look younger, it shouldn’t be considered the primary way to hide one’s greys. Colouring your roots with a deeper colour will give your look a depth and make you look younger. It will also be a more effective way to colour your greys.


09/9Skimping on supplements

Skimping on supplements

Many celebrity hairstylists also recommend taking hair supplements strategically. You shouldn’t be underestimating them. As we age, our hair changes too, just as our face. With age, hair needs extra supports in the form of vitamins like biotin and viviscal. This also helps in hair growth and supports hormonal changes.