01/5Stuck in lockdown with your spouse? Don't make these mistakes!

Stuck in lockdown with your spouse? Don't make these mistakes!

We're sure you're all cosied into your house with your partner now that the nationwide lockdown as been announced due to the dreaded coronavirus. But is being stuck together with your spouse for so long really a good thing? We're not saying that you guys don't love each other but let's be honest, there are things they do that might get on your nerves eventually. That's why all you married couples need to be extra careful about maintaining a good relationship through this trying time. And absolutely ensure that you avoid making these mistakes!


02/5Being joint at the hip

Being joint at the hip

Now that the two of you are in lockdown it's practically like being joint at the hip. But that doesn't mean you have to spend all day with them. Sure you should take this as an opportunity to spend some quality time with them but then also try to make some time for your hobbies and encourage your partner to do the same. It'll give you both a break from each other too.


03/5Getting frustrated over work

Getting frustrated over work

Let's be honest, working from home isn't exactly a walk in the garden. In fact, in this situation, it might be even worse than going to work since you also have to manage a bunch of chores along with it. So, yes you might get frustrated about certain things but don't take it out on your partner.


04/5Acting like you're trapped

Acting like you're trapped

You're not trapped, you're in quarantine. This isn't a prison, even though it might feel like it. You're doing this for your own safety so while it's okay to feel a little restless from time to time, don't start acting as if you're going to go crazy. It'll only worsen the relationship between you and your spouse. Find soothing things to do with each other instead.


05/5Not sharing the load

Not sharing the load

One person is not limited to doing the chores around the house especially if you're both working from home. This is the time for both of you to step up and take responsibility. Get things done and help your partner out. Now, that your house help probably isn't coming over, you both will have to make things work while working on them together.