01/5Tired of all that underarm sweating? These tips will help!

Tired of all that underarm sweating? These tips will help!

We're still in the middle of the summer season and while we may all be stuck indoors due to the lockdown, the heat can still get to us. One of the worst things that accompanies the summer season is excessive sweating. And this often occurs in the underarm area. This could lead to rashes, unpleasant odours, accumulation of bacteria and even infections in the underarm area. So, if you're looking for something that will prevent all of this excessive sweating in your underarms, here are a few tips that will come to your rescue. Take a look.

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02/5Opt for antiperspirants

Opt for antiperspirants

Yes, even if you're at home you can simply opt for antiperspirant to help stop your underarms from producing too much sweat. Unlike deodorants, they don't just stop the odour that accompanies the sweat but they also combat the glands that produce all that sweat. And if there's no sweat, there won't be any odour either, will there?


03/5Wear breezy clothes

Wear breezy clothes

You might be tempted to wear your work clothes at home to help get you in the mood and while that is a good thing, you must also remember that your workplace has a centralised AC, unlike your house. So, you need to wear clothes that are breathable and let your skin breathe. Opt for fabrics like cotton and choose light colours to combat the heat.


04/5Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin

Just like your face sparkles when you exfoliate it, your underarms will also feel clean and fresh when you exfoliate them. You can use a loofah to exfoliate your underarms by rubbing it gently on the area for a few minutes while you shower. Alternatively, you could also use a body scrub instead if that's what you prefer. It'll help get rid of all the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells.


05/5Get rid of underarm hair

Get rid of underarm hair

Hair can retain more moisture than required by your skin and this is why you tend to sweat more when you have hair in your underarm area. So, get rid of the hair and the sweat accumulation will go down significantly. Shave it, wax it, use a hair removal cream or opt for anything that you feel comfortable with but make sure that you remove the hair from that region.