01/8Kukui Nut Oil skincare benefits you absolutely need to know about

Kukui Nut Oil skincare benefits you absolutely need to know about

While we're sure you've heard of tons of oils that are beneficial for your skin and hair the likes of which include coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil and so on, it's time to put all these oils aside and make way for the Kukui Nut Oil. Originating from Hawaii, this oil contains some amazing moisturising properties and is rich in essential fatty acids, protecting antioxidants, and vitamins. It seems to have such a good effect on skin and hair that even celebs can't stop singing praises about it. Here is a look at some of its most spectacular beauty benefits.


02/8Prevents dandruff

Prevents dandruff

Kukui nut oil is known for being able to moisturise hair and can lock moisture in the skin. This way it can also help prevent dandruff since your scalp will remain moisturised. Not only will it keep hair follicles healthy and clean it will also prevent premature hair loss. What's more, you can also say goodbye to excess sebum.


03/8Controls eczema

Controls eczema

Anyone who suffers from eczema knows just how difficult it is to keep the skin condition under control. But since kukui nut oil can intensely moisturise skin, it can keep the skin hydrated and prevent itching or inflammation which can ultimately help combat eczema as well.


04/8Heals wounds

Heals wounds

Kukui nut oil is like this all in one product that can cater to all your skincare needs. While we were already in awe of its moisturising properties, turns out it can work wonders in healing wounds too. So, if you end up with scrapes, scratches, bruises, cuts or abrasions, apply some diluted kukui nut to the wound as it can help speed up the recovery process and can prevent infection too.


05/8Add it to your bath

Add it to your bath

One way to gain all the moisturising effects of kukui nut oil is to add it to your bath. Fill your tub with water and then add half a cup of kukui nut oil to the water. Soak in it for a good 15-20 minutes and you'll see how well it can work its magic on dry skin. Plus, it'll also soothe your nerves and make you feel calm.


06/8Works as a makeup remover

Works as a makeup remover

Step aside coconut oil, kukui nut oil is here to the rescue. Since it happens to be super sensitive, you can use this oil on your face and even your eyes to help remove your makeup. It melts all the makeup away and gives you clean and fresh looking skin. Do wash your face with a face wash afterwards though.


07/8Apply it to your hair

Apply it to your hair

Kukui nut oil can work wonders for your hair too. Just apply it generously to your hair and scalp from the roots to the ends and once done, massage it well. Leave it on for a few hours and see how well it moisturises your hair follicles. Wash it off with shampoo and conditioner later.


08/8Add it to your moisturiser

Add it to your moisturiser

Kukui oil is known for its moisturising properties so if you want to give your moisturising cream a boost, just add some kukui oil to it and it should team well to give you the perfect anti-ageing, moisturising and soothing agent. You could add it to either your day cream or your night cream.