01/8Want to break up with someone? Here's the right way to do it

Want to break up with someone? Here's the right way to do it

As much as people deny it, breakups can tend to get rather messy and awful. And as bad as that is, they also end up making you feel miserable, lonely and uncared for. But mostly things like these occur when people don't really know how to handle the situation like mature adults. Even if you want to break up with someone, it doesn't mean you have to be nasty about it. It's going to be difficult for the both of you so the least one can do is to behave like an adult in the situation. That way, you save someone a lot of embarrassment and you can get done with it without causing a scene. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to break up with someone.


02/8Tell them the good things too

Tell them the good things too

As much as you need to tell them why it isn't working for you anymore and why you feel the need to break up, you should also tell them about the good times you had. Tell them that you will cherish those moments but unfortunately, that's all those will ever be - moments to remember. So, make it very clear to them that as much as you will appreciate all the good times, the relationship is officially over.


03/8Prepare your partner beforehand

Prepare your partner beforehand

Don't randomly meet your partner somewhere and then blurt out that you want to break up with them. Text them or call them beforehand and tell them that you need to talk to them about something important. This way they'll at least have a vague idea of what's to come and it won't catch them abruptly.


04/8Phrase things properly

Phrase things properly

Even though you might be breaking up with the person because of certain things they've done, try to use the right words to tell them that the relationship is over. So, for example, if you want o talk about needing space, try saying things like 'I need more space' rather than 'You smother me all the time'. Using the right words might just make things a little easier for you both.


05/8Believe that you want to break up

Believe that you want to break up

Before you even initiate this process, you need to believe truly that you want to break up. And for that, you need to fall out of love with this person in your head first. So, start by thinking about everything that is negative about them and all the things that prompted you to think about breaking up with them in the first place. Keep reminding yourself about these things whenever you feel a thought of doubt creeping up in your head.


06/8Be straight with them

Be straight with them

Don't beat around the bush. When you want to break up with this person, be clear to them about your intentions. Tell them clearly why the relationship isn't working out for you and why you think it will never work out for you. Tell them about your goals, values and passions and how theirs don't match up with yours. Once you leave, make sure you remind yourself about all the things you want in a relationship so that you don't have to go through this again.


07/8Set boundaries

Set boundaries

Often people get carried away with trying to help their ex get over things emotionally. And we're not saying that's a bad thing. But you really need to set boundaries for yourself and this person. So, say they used to call you at 11 pm every night to talk about your day, they can't really be doing that now because you're no longer together. The more you distance yourself with the person, the easier it'll be for both of you to move on.


08/8Choose the right setting

Choose the right setting

As harsh as this may sound, only you can decide how much of your time your partner is worth. That way you can choose the right setting to break up with them. You could either go out for dinner if they meant a lot to you once, or if you think you need to get things over with in a hurry, then go out for coffee. But under no circumstances should you break up with someone over the phone. That's just plain rude.