01/5Keep dating the wrong person? Here's what you can do to stop

Keep dating the wrong person? Here's what you can do to stop

'Love is blind' - we've all heard of this saying. But more often than not it turns out that love can be rather dumb too. We don't always choose the people we fall in love with, sometimes we just fall in love anyway. Now, that doesn't mean that we always make the right choice. Sometimes, people are attracted to the wrong kind of crowd and instead of backing away they indulge in their romance only to find out later that it's turning toxic. So, if you too are amongst the people who somehow always end up choosing toxic partners, here's what you can do to stop such behaviour. Scroll on below to take a look.


02/5Start withdrawing your emotions

Start withdrawing your emotions

“No person intentionally sabotages their relationship. However, the need to rebel against the rigid and authoritarian societal norms can cause a person to ignore the obvious faults in their partner. There is also a belief that you can channelise the person’s toxic impulses into more mellow, conventionally-accepted ones,” says an expert. When things start to get toxic, you need to ensure that you start withdrawing your emotions. Start cutting ties with the person slowly so that it's easier to walk away.


03/5Keep a check on warning signs

Keep a check on warning signs

We often tend to ignore the warning signs that a toxic person is displaying because we mistake them for love. But instead of letting these mistakes grow on you, you need to learn how to let go and when to walk away. “Watch for red flag indicators and look for any unwarranted emotions you may be feeling (self-loathing, decreased self-confidence, helplessness, hopelessness etc.). Don’t ignore any warning signs when it comes to your partner either, including unwarranted anger outbursts, extreme possessiveness, suspiciousness, substance abuse etc,” the expert adds.


04/5Don't rush into a relationship

Don't rush into a relationship

Yes, we all know you're in love and you can't wait to be with the person but you always need to get to know someone better before you decide that you want to be with them. Spend some time with them and learn what kind of a person they are before you actually jump into the relationship. If you find out that they're toxic beforehand then do not get into a relationship with them. If they try to make a change in their behaviour then you could consider dating them, but if not, you need to let go of them.


05/5Pay attention to how you feel

Pay attention to how you feel

The relationship isn't just about them, it's about you as well. So, you need to step up and keep a check on your emotions as well. Look at how you feel when you're with them and when they're not around you. If you find that you're relieved when they're not around then you really need to rethink being in a relationship with them. On the contrary, if they make you feel like a better version of yourself then you're good to go. So, make sure that you're paying attention to your emotions too.