01/10These beauty brands have products that perfectly suit sensitive skin

These beauty brands have products that perfectly suit sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin, trying out a new product can easily start from a self-love session to a scene from a horror movie. Dealing with sensitive skin is hanging on two extremes. If a product works for you, it works supremely well, if doesn’t – god help you then! Unsurprisingly people with sensitive skin are often vary of trying out a brand new ‘magical’ product. Thankfully, there is a ton of hypoallergenic brands, drugstore even, recommended by dermatologists. Ahead is a list of them. So, if you’re looking for an effective, reliable beauty brand that formulates products especially for sensitive skin, here’s a list!




Aside from a solid skincare line, Clinique for its great selection of gentle, oil-free makeup products. One of the brand's star offerings? This eight-pan eyeshadow palette, which has all the neutrals you could ever need.




Cetaphil creates skin care products that are gentle, hydrating and fragrance-free. They make facial cleansers for normal and combination skin, dry skin (featured above) and oily skin. Their products have no soap or harmful additives. They only do the job they’re bid to do – making them a favourite among people with sensitive skin.




This high-performance brand has an entire lineup of sensitive skin-friendly products, which features this weightless, fragrance-free setting powder that delivers on its promise to keep makeup intact for up to 16 hours.


05/10Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees

Driven by natural ingredients, Burt's Bees makes more than just your favorite lip balm: The brand also has a whole range of makeup, from foundation to lipstick and beyond. The collection includes this lengthening mascara, which is gentle enough for sensitive eyes and dewy foundation that doesn’t clog pores.


06/10Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula

Did you know that Physicians Formula is over 80 years old? It was founded back in 1937 by Dr. Frank Carroll, who was inspired to create the line by his wife, who suffered from lupus (which can cause extra sensitivity in the skin). To this day, its products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and dermatologist approved — and on top of that, they're cruelty-free (and often vegan). Suffice it to say, the brand is quite the boon for those of us with sensitive skin.




Avene may have a premium status in our country, but is actually a brand primarily found in French pharmacies. Yes, drugstore. The brand got its cult status with its Thermal Water Spring. All their products are formulated to be hypoallergic and soothing – making them great for all skin types but perfect for sensitive skin users.


08/10La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay

Here’s another humble brand that began with a simple start at the Fresh pharmacy and made its way all the way up to world domination – La Roche Posay. All their products are allergy tested. Their products are also formulated with fresh spring water. Their sunblocks and moisturisers are loved widely by dry and dehydrated skin types.




The success of this brand among perhaps lies in its name – it’s simple. Their clean beauty formulations carry only the essential ingredients. Their formulations are hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and non-comedogenic – making them a fool-proof addition to anyone’s skincare routine. Our favourite? Their micellar cleansing water.




Neutrogena’s wide reach means it has products for all skin types. While most of their formulations are far too strong for the sensitive skin type, they came up with a sensitive skincare line to make up for it. Much like the rest of their line, this line is just as effective, just a tad bit gentle.Their gentle sunscreen and oil-free moisturiser is our favourite.