01/9If you follow these easy bedtime habits, you're sure to wake up happy the next morning

If you follow these easy bedtime habits, you're sure to wake up happy the next morning

Waking up in a not-so-good mood every morning means your bedtime habits aren't in place. Yes, there are bedtime habits that you need to follow if you wish to wake up fresh as a flower the next day. These bedtime habits aren't rocket science but sure needs dedication and perseverance as Netflix and chill hours can really go for an eternity. But that's when you should know you need a good night's sleep to wake up happy in the am. And so, we're here to tell you of a few things you can follow to call yourself a happy morning person and not someone who cribs about it through the day.


02/9Ban your pets from the bedroom

Ban your pets from the bedroom

Their cute, adorable, furry and loveable. But when it comes to bedtime you need to banish your pets from the bedroom if you want to get a good night's sleep. It may be a hard thing to do, but if you have trouble sleeping and you have a dog or cat, this may be a method you need to try. A survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center found 53% of people who sleep with pets reported their sleep gets disrupted because of their animals.




You may have had a hectic or tough day and replay negative events in your head over and over again. Stop! It is important to get to a place of calm in order to get a good night's sleep. Let go of your troubles and simply relax. There are various techniques you can experiment with to get to a place of calm. Find what works for you, and more importantly what you will stick with. Listing to soft calming music, taking a hot bath or reading a book are some strategies you can try.


04/9Avoid alcohol before bed

Avoid alcohol before bed

You may be tempted to reach for that glass of red wine before you hit the sack. However, drinking late at night has been found to have a negative impact on sleep and affects your hormones. Many people think this type of beverage helps you sleep, but it actually causes sleep apnea and can disrupt your sleep patterns. It has also been found to impact, nighttime melatonin production, which is an essential component in the body's circadian rhythm.


05/9Take a melatonin supplement

Take a melatonin supplement

If you are still unable to get a good night's sleep after trying almost everything, take a melatonin supplement. It will help you to relax and put you in a state of calm to get ready to sleep. This treatment is often prescribed to people who suffer from insomnia and other serious sleep disorders. Research has shown it not only improves sleep equality, but it also helps one to feel more energised the next day. Start with a low dose to test your tolerance. However, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before you take this supplement.


06/9No Netflix or TV post 10 in the night

No Netflix or TV post 10 in the night

Now, we know this is the most difficult thing to do. Because we love binge watching on shows and series. But honestly, continuing to do that after late hours in the night will only disrupt your sleep cycle. This is why, switch off every screen by around 10 pm and just relax. Resting your eyes from all the strain is so important.


07/9Take a warm water shower

Take a warm water shower

After an entire day of struggling in the crowd and travelling all the way only to work on the screen for almost 9 hours, our body is more tired than you think it is. And a warm water shower before bedtime can de-stress your body and improve blood circulation to make you sleep better.


08/9Consume honey before bed

Consume honey before bed

Honey is a very beneficial food item. It is less sweeter than sugar and cures a lot of health problems. Honey with warm water in the night is highly recommended. Warm water soothes the nerves and since honey has amino-acid tryptophan, it helps you get a smooth sleep.


09/9Keep your phone away

Keep your phone away

Every single person knows that they can't surf through the Internet just for a few minutes and eventually end up until the wee hours of the night. As difficult as it may get, keep your phone away from you to not let it bother your thoughts while you try to sleep.