01/11Healthy water ideas to pamper your taste buds

Healthy water ideas to pamper your taste buds

Are you the kind of person who'd like to sip on some healthy drink every once in a while? Are you also someone who craves for something yummy rather than the basic plain water? Well, this is your calling. There are ways where you can make your H2O healthier and tastier and no, we aren't talking about artificial additions. We're talking about fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs that can make your water taste a lot better and healthier. To top it all, the hot weather is killing us which makes it a perfect time to switch on to some healthy water ideas.


02/11Pineapple & ginger infusion

Pineapple & ginger infusion

If you want to have a healthy stomach, this is the drink for you! Pineapple contains bromelain that helps digestion and inflammation while ginger soothes down nausea. You can mix the two and let it catch on the flavour for at least 2-3 hours before consumption.


03/11Blood orange-infused coconut water

Blood orange-infused coconut water

A little twist to the regular coconut water would be some blood orange added to it. You could also add some blueberries for a bright and healthy beverage that is now ready to make your summer easier.


04/11JalapeƱo and watermelon water

Jalapeño and watermelon water

Juicy watermelon that's loaded with vitamins A and C with spicy jalapenos is a terrific combination to add to water. You can drink this flavoured water everyday for many health benefits.


05/11Lime slices and basil

Lime slices and basil

Adding tart lime and fragrant basil to your basic water will give you immense amounts of vitamin C and iron. Do you even need more reasons to make this super healthy drink for yourself? Especially in this hot weather, you can only explore more flavours.


06/11Raspberry and pineapple chunk

Raspberry and pineapple chunk

Raspberries and pineapples is such a refreshing combination to add to your daily water. You can sip on some chilled raspberries and pineapple chunk when you're stressed as it helps relieve it and also makes you feel so much better.


07/11Make juice cubes

Make juice cubes

One really interesting thing you can do to make your plain boring water a lot more delicious is to add juice cubes to it. Make some fresh juice using whatever fruit you fancy and then pour it into an ice-cube tray. Set the tray in the freezer and voila! You'll have juice flavoured cubes to add to your water.


08/11Apple & cinnamon infusion

Apple & cinnamon infusion

Adding freshly cut apples and one whole of cinnamon stick to water will give you spiced fruit flavoured water which is quite a thing to have for these hot summer days.


09/11Cucumber, lime & thyme soda

Cucumber, lime & thyme soda

Adding some cucumber ribbons along with thin slices of lime and sprigs of thyme in water to make it more delicious and healthy. You can use a vegetable peeler to create cucumber ribbons. Aim for the flesh and not the skin as it might tend to get bitter if you put cucumber skin ribbons in your water.


10/11Cranberry & lemon infusion

Cranberry & lemon infusion

Cranberries make the water taste sweeter and lemon helps in adding an appetizing flavour. Add some fresh cranberries slightly crushed to the water with some citrus slices. It'd be nice if you can allow the water to mix with the flavours. You can add a little bit of sugar syrup or honey if it tastes too tart.