01/14Read about these benefits of aloe vera and put them to use

Read about these benefits of aloe vera and put them to use

A lot of us have heard of aloe vera being one of the most beneficial plants of all times. Most of us like to have it at home so that we can make the most use of it. From skincare to hair care and curing illnesses to wounds, this plant gives you the most advantage of itself. The slimy tissues inside the leaves store water because of which the leaves are thick. This slimy water-filled tissue is the gel that includes vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants. Here's a list of benefits that aloe vera can give.


02/14Shaving gel

Shaving gel

While there are plenty of shaving creams out there, why not go for something more organic? It will get the job done just as well and provide your skin with a lot of moisture. Using aloe vera gel to shave your legs is soothing and also contains antiseptic properties that can treat cuts or bruises.


03/14Hair moisturiser

Hair moisturiser

Aloe vera contains a lot of healing properties that can help repair hair damage and leave it silky smooth. Using it on your hair will leave it nourished. It is also easy to wash it off. Take a bit of some aloe vera gel and apply to all over your hair. Let it sit for about 30 minutes so your hair gets the most out of it. Wash it off well. Using it regularly will leave you with healthy and shiny hair.


04/14Eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gel

Aloe vera is natural, organic and great to use as an eyebrow gel. Not only is it an inexpensive way to keep your eyebrows on point, but it will also provide a lot of nourishment. Best of all, it is safe to use and won't feel greasy all over your eyebrows. So you won't have to feel uncomfortable with it on.


05/14Prevents wrinkles

Prevents wrinkles

The benefits found in aloe vera gel are immense. One of the big benefits for incorporating it into your daily life is it helps slow down the ageing process. Aloe vera may have anti-aging effects by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. A study conducted on 30 women found the topical application of the gel increased collagen production, as well as improve skin elasticity.


06/14Treats canker sores

Treats canker sores

Canker sores can last anywhere between seven and 10 days. Researchers have found people who have applied an aloe vera patch to treat the issue help reduce the sore. It has also been found to accelerate the healing process and reduce pain caused by the health condition. If you have an issue like this, opt for an aloe vera patch or apply aloe vera gel on the affected area. Consult with a doctor before proceeding with this treatment.


07/14Treats hair fall issues

Treats hair fall issues

Proteolytic enzymes found in aloe vera works to remove dead skin cells lying around on the scalp. It also has a similar chemical makeup of a primary protein of hair called keratin. That is why it is so effective in treating the hair of many issues, including hair fall.Combine aloe vera juice with extra virgin coconut oil and apply the mixture on your hair. This will help reduce hair fall, prevent breakage and leave your hair feeling soft and nourished.


08/14For skin

For skin

Aloe vera makes your skin feel fresh. It may also improve your skin and prevents wrinkles too. Early evidences suggest that aloe vera has anti-ageing agents, but more research on this particular thing is needed.


09/14Reduces dental plaque

Reduces dental plaque

Tooth problems are very common and so are gum diseases. Aloe vera kills the plaque-producing bacterium and the yeast which ultimately results in no tooth decay and gum diseases.


10/14For weight loss

For weight loss

Aloe vera works wonders for your diet and also maximises your weight-loss potential. It has a large amount of vitamins and minerals which help in losing weight. Aloe vera doesn't only support weight loss through a proper diet but also improves your body's absorption and utilisation and improves overall health as well.