01/5Are you making these manicure mistakes?

Are you making these manicure mistakes?

Okay, let's be honest; not everyone has the time or money to go to the spa every time they want a manicure. And although opting for a manicure at home can prove to be a task, it also is a lot more cost-effective and you have the advantage of doing it whenever you want. But that doesn't mean you aren't making mistakes while you opt for your manicure session. And these mistakes can make all your hard work go down the drain. So, here are some manicure mistakes you need to avoid making.


02/5Shaking the bottle

Shaking the bottle

The one thing we all do when we first grab a nail polish bottle is to shake it. Well, turns out doing that can lead to air bubbles in the nail paint and can mess up your application process. So, instead of shaking the bottle, make sure you gently roll it.


03/5Applying a single coat

Applying a single coat

Sometimes we tend to only apply a single coat of nail paint on our nails but what you need to remember is that only one coat may lead to a sheer look. So, if you can sort of see your nails through your nail paint, it's best to go for double or even triple coats.


04/5Not applying a base coat

Not applying a base coat

We're not trying to increase your work for you but there's a reason why there's so much that goes into a manicure. If you don't apply a transparent base coat, it could lead to chipping and cracking of your nail paint due to the natural oils present in your nail. And this could also stain your nail bed.


05/5Using metal tools

Using metal tools

While professionals can work wonders on your nails with metal tools, you need to be very careful with them. Metal tools can damage your nails and may even cause you pain so make sure to use wooden tools instead like a wooden cuticle pusher. It'll do the work effectively without leading to damage.