01/5Mistakes men make post 40

Mistakes men make post 40

Once men hit 40 years of age, they like to feel more settled and established, professionally as well as personally. But, if you don't pay attention to your health thinking you are still young and doing well, you are damaging yourself. Your 40s are actually the years when certain illnesses can creep in and it could become difficult to recover fast if you don't have a good immunity. Hence, you must always pay attention to these little day-to-day issues that could only get worse later on. Refer to this list of mistakes you might be making post 40.


02/5Being lazy

Being lazy

Only a few percentage of men who are in their 40s actually indulge in workouts. Rest of them maintain a sedentary lifestyle which can very much increase the risk of obesity and other illnesses.


03/5Not paying attention to mental health

Not paying attention to mental health

Men usually stay quiet about their psychological issues more than their physical ones. But men in their 40s should know that they need to give more understanding to their mental health and get it treated if at all they are going through something.


04/5Avoiding regular body screenings

Avoiding regular body screenings

Men are usually more likely to avoid their regular health check-ups. But, BPH, high cholesterol and heart disease can start to appear around this age and you must not risk your health. Always make sure you get a full body checkup on a regular basis.


05/5Maintaining a poor posture

Maintaining a poor posture

Poor posture can lead to lower back pain and weaker abdominal muscles. These are two areas that are targeted and strengthened to relieve the pain. Make sure you maintain good posture at all times to avoid any issues in the future.