01/5Make sure you have these monsoon essentials in your bag

Make sure you have these monsoon essentials in your bag

The monsoon season has arrived in full swing. That means it's time to bring out your umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots and waterproof bags. While all these items are extremely essential, you are going to need a few more things to get through this weather. Prepare to protect yourself and stay clean. A few items can help you get through the rains with ease. Here are a few monsoon essentials you must have in your bag this season.




It may be pouring rain, but you could be sticky and sweating under your raincoat and boots. Or worse, you may end up drenched and end up smelling a little unpleasant. There will be times when heading for a shower is not an option. That is when a fresh perfume will come in handy. That way you may not be looking your best, but you'll smell divine.


03/5Waterproof pouch

Waterproof pouch

Even if you carry a waterproof bag, there is no telling what the wet weather can do. That is why it is better to be safe than sorry and carry a waterproof pouch in your bag. You never know when a storm might hit. This way you can travel back home with your important items, like purse and phone, protected. So if your bag gets soaking wet, you can breath easy knowing your things are secure.




In one day, our hands touch a number of items that can carry infections. Use a sanitizer regularly this season before your meals or when you touch surfaces in public areas. Monsoon can be a cool and refreshing season, but it's also a time to pay extra attention to our health.




You probably don't need a reason to have a packet of tissues in your bag. While this item comes in handy all year round, it can be extremely beneficial during the monsoon.This is the time of year when bacteria and infections can spread easily. So you need to maintain good hygiene throughout the day.