01/5These post-gym hairstyles are worth a try

These post-gym hairstyles are worth a try

A high top knot is easy to achieve in minutes and looks stylish and sleek. This hairstyle is perfect when you are in a rush and need to get places after you've hit the gym. All you have to do is dampen your hair a bit and then spritz dry shampoo over it to tackle any grease at the roots of your hair. This standard bun will make you look fashionable thanks to a few small tweaks.


02/5Pulled-out braids

Pulled-out braids

If you are a girly girl then you probably love braids. The pulled-out braids are one of the best styles to try after a gruelling workout.All you have to do is braid the hair loosely and then use your finger to gently pull out each section to make it look bigger and baggier. It may take a few times to perfect this look, but the end result is totally worth it.


03/5Work in hair accessories

Work in hair accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to look fresh and dressy, especially after hitting the gym. You can use a scarf to tie a ponytail,top knot or a braid. It's also a practical and will give you that cool girl vibe. A few simple bright pieces will also give you a pop of colour. These days there are an array of hair accessories to try. Find what you like and experiment with it. More importantly, have fun with this style and pair it well with your workout clothes.


04/5Messy bun

Messy bun

The messy bun is classic, chic and simply timeless. Most women may prefer this no-fuss look after a dash to the gym. It is definitely a staple when you need to keep your hair in place and fast. It's simple really, just put your hair into a ponytail and give it a twist and tie it up. Add a few bobby pins if you want to lock it in place.


05/5Extra texture

Extra texture

Use a straightner or try crimping to add texture to your hair. It will make you look more well-groomed after sweating it out at the gym. This look is hot right now on many fashion runways so you'll definitely be keeping up with the times with this look. If you prefer to activate your hair's natural texture, use a sea salt spray. Add a few spritz from root to tip and let the formula work its magic.