11/14Pantene Rescue Shots Hair Ampoules Treatment

Pantene Rescue Shots Hair Ampoules Treatment

New kid on the block, the Rescue Shots Hair Ampoules Treatment is a deep conditioning treatment that packs a punch. Previously Brazil’s best kept secret, these moisturizing, single-use shots instantly revive stressed-out hair, bringing tresses back to their shiniest, most resilient state. Simply apply to ends post shampoo and conditioning, let it soak in while you wash your body (an unofficial rule of showering, TBH), then rinse it all out and go. And whether you want to cut the hot tools completely or jump right back into using them, these shots will keep your hair-health in check no matter what.


12/14Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

When you heat style your hair, you are damaging it. Most moisturising masks just add moisture to the hair, irrespective of the hair bond being broken or healthy. This hair perfector is a bond-building system. The line has a 3 step system, out of which, the first two are only available at salons. The No.3 bottle is a at-home treatment that can be combined with your shampoo and conditioner, once a week. The treatment is praised for its ability to repair the broken bonds that occur as a result of colouring or heat damage.


13/14Kérastase Resistance Therepiste Serum

Kérastase Resistance Therepiste Serum

The Kérastase Resistance Therepiste Serum is effective from its first use! It is easy to use and slots effortlessly into your existing routine. It repairs existing damage, protects against future heat damage and prevents breakage. Apply to wet hair on lengths and ends, and blow dry.


14/14MoroccanOil Treatment Original

MoroccanOil Treatment Original

With a whole collection dedicated to the miracle hair care ingredient Argan Oil, MoroccanOil are leaders in the industry for bringing effective hair breakage solutions to market. For the most intense treatment for heat damaged hair, opt for Moroccanoil Original, a rich nourishing oil that restores the hair to its optimum condition, reversing heat damage from the sun and hair appliances.