01/8Not wearing makeup could make you feel different

Not wearing makeup could make you feel different

Are you tired of getting up extra early in the morning so you have time to do your makeup? Some days can be so hectic you may just one to give up the routine altogether. But then the dreaded questions arise: Will you look exhausted? or Will you not look attractive? All those insecurities may have you worried, but there is a big chance you may enjoy not needing it. For one, you can sleep in a little extra. That's always enjoyable. If you are seriously thinking about giving up makeup or at least want to do a test run, here are a few reasons you may want to give up on it.


02/8Your skin’s pore size decreases

Your skin’s pore size decreases

As much as your makeup claims to be non-comedogenic, ultimately, it sits on top of your face for a polished appearance. Constant use of makeup may lead to makeup clogging up your pores. Clogged pores tend to look bigger. Eliminating makeup reduces the chances of all of that.


03/8You will be comfortable in your own skin

You will be comfortable in your own skin

While makeup amongst its other glories is meant for presenting a more polished version of yourserlf, it doesn’t take time to become a veil when you don’t want to show yourself. Applying makeup everyday can become a security blanket. If you skip all that makeup and show up in your true skin, you’re allowing your skin to just be. This will definitely reflect positively on your mental state.


04/8You might save money

You might save money

Let’s face it! Makeup is expensive. And because you’ve been always wearing it, it is possible that you not have even truly registered the amount you spent on the products. Don’t believe us? Take all your makeup out and calculate their price. Chances are you’ve spent a fortune. Going makeup free will save all of that!


05/8You may stress less

You may stress less

Sticking to a beauty routine is a lot of work and needs time. If you are going to do it, then you have to do it right. That means you have to make sure your foundation is even and that there are no smudges or clumpy lashes. But when you wake up in the morning, you can use that time you dedicate to putting on makeup to relax and not have to worry about all that hassle. Unwind, stretch and let your brain just revel in the stillness of having to do nothing, even if it is just for a little while.


06/8Your skin can appear more healthy

Your skin can appear more healthy

You may notice a big difference in your skin complexion within days of not using makeup. Allowing your skin to breathe and be free of product may just help your skin to clear up. All those layers of foundation, concealers and blush can take a toll on your skin, especially if you use these products regularly. Sometimes all these products could be the reason for frequent breakouts and acne, because most of us may not be removing the makeup off well. This tends to clog the pores.


07/8You may invest in the right skincare products

You may invest in the right skincare products

Since you are no longer hiding behind that makeup, you'll want to make sure to look your best. The no makeup move may just inspire you to choose skincare products that bring out your skin's natural glow. A good sunscreen, the right serum and a nourishing face pack could do you a world of good. Achieving that youthful glow naturally will have you wondering why you needed all that makeup in the first place.


08/8You'll tend to your hair more

You'll tend to your hair more

Making one big change may inspire you to make another big difference in your routine. Deciding to wear no makeup, may make you look at yourself in a whole new way. You may start with wanting to take care of your skin, then start eating right. Eventually, you'll start to notice other areas on your body you may want to improve in healthy ways like your hair. With all this time on your hands now, you can find creative ways to style your hair and tackle those hair issues (frizzy and dry hair) you didn't get a chance to do before.