01/10Want to dye your hair? Read through these secrets first...

Want to dye your hair? Read through these secrets first...

It can be super expensive: Look, when you go to get your hair dyed, you'll obviously have to invest in the best products be it serums, shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos etc. So, unless you're willing to shell out a ton of cash, you really should think twice before going to get your hair dyed. Because if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right.


02/10The sun will fade the hair colour

The sun will fade the hair colour

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sun exposure fades your hair colour faster. So if you want to keep your hair colour intact for a longer duration, stay away from brassy tones. Hats, scarves and UV sprays are your best friends – keep them close. Worst case scenario, you might have to book an appointment to ‘refresh‘ your hair colour.


03/10Re-dying the colour is complicated

Re-dying the colour is complicated

Hair dye reacts differently to colour-treated hair and virgin hair. So if your hair is already dyed, consider your next hair dyeing appointment two times more complicated than your first one. You might have to limit the choice of your hair colour as well. In case you’re recolouring your hair at home, you must always consult the letters and numbers on the hair dye box instead of the picture. This gives you a better idea of how the hair colour would dye your hair.


04/10Blonde girls don’t have fun

Blonde girls don’t have fun

Dyeing hair blonde means a lot of maintenance. Blonde dye requires a higher level of ammonia or bleaching products. This also results in a change of texture in hair that will require more conditioning than shampooing. It would be a bad idea to dye the hair blonde unless you naturally have a lighter hair colour.


05/10The colour will stain everything

The colour will stain everything

Imagine getting colour thrown at you when you play Holi. Doesn't that colour just get everywhere you go? Much like that, the colour in your hair is also going to bleed for at least 4-5 washes. So make sure that you keep your hair away from light-coloured things like pillowcases and light clothes.


06/10Maintaining your hair is important

Maintaining your hair is important

Initially, when you'll get your hair dyed, it'll look rather shiny and smooth. But eventually, the chemicals in the colour are going to get to your hair and will make it look rough and coarse. Plus, the colour will also start to fade. So, even when all of this starts to happen, your job is to make sure that you maintain your hair properly so that it gives you a clean look. Or else, your hair will end up looking all shabby and unkempt.


07/10You can't wash your hair regularly

You can't wash your hair regularly

Trust us, this is actually a blessing in disguise. But it also means that you need to invest in plenty of dry shampoos to keep your hair looking clean and oil-free. No matter how colour safe your shampoo or conditioner is that colour is going to fade with each wash. So, the lesser you wash your hair, the better it'll be for your hair colour.


08/10It takes a lot of patience

It takes a lot of patience

We Indian women are often blessed with dark, silky hair, which is the exact opposite of what you need to get your hair dyed. If you're getting your hair coloured you really need to have a lot of patience because it is going to require multiple sessions, which means multiple visits to the salon. So unless you're willing to commit that way, we suggest you don't get your hair coloured.


09/10You will need to bleach your hair

You will need to bleach your hair

Yes, we all know that bleach can really get in there and make your hair brittle and coarse, but if you have jet black hair and you want it dyed electric blue, you will have to get your hair bleached. If you don't, the colour won't show in your hair. In fact, you may even have to bleach your hair multiple times to make it light enough for the colour to show.


10/10There will be split ends in your hair

There will be split ends in your hair

For the first few weeks, your hair is going to look and feel all smooth and silky. And then, it's going to get rough and coarse. Bleach can break your hair and make it knotted and dry which can lead to split ends. They'll go away eventually, but they are something you'll have to deal with when you get your hair dyed.