01/7From blunt bobs to razored pixies, here are the hairstyles to consider before your next trip to your hairdresser

From blunt bobs to razored pixies, here are the hairstyles to consider before your next trip to your hairdresser

If you are bored of how your hair looks, we suggest that you go short with your locks this season. And to help you out, today we've compiled a comprehensive list of short hair inspiration ranging in length from blunt bobs to razored pixies. If you want to welcome 2019 with a new look, scroll on for some major hairstyle inspiration...




Tired of your long hair? Looking for something short and chic? Try a lob haircut. It's super stylish and can transform your look drastically. Lob is a type of bob cut that is just above the shoulders or just below it. For a more elegant look, add soft bends to this haircut. This cut works especially well on heart-shaped faces.

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03/7Side swoop

Side swoop

This is a look championed by several celebrities. The look is all things chic and sharp too. This haircut is an easy one to achieve even if you don’t feel like emptying out your pockets. All you have to do is brush out the wave to create a side swoop. If you want to add some drama, use a curling iron to exaggerate the wave.


04/7The short shaven look

The short shaven look

This is for all you girls who do not mind experimenting with your looks. A shaved hairstyle is all about how you wear it. Which should be with total confidence. There’s just something striking about a woman rocking a partially shaved haircut, isn’t there?


05/7The piece-y pixie

The piece-y pixie

If you have been considering a shorter cut, the choppy pixie is one of the most versatile of looks. If you are having trouble framing your face, this hairstyle will help with just that bringing your eyes, lips, and feathered brows into focus.


06/7The soft and textured undercut

The soft and textured undercut

If you have thick hair, this is the look to go for! The style will help thin out your hair and add layers just on the top. It is also a chin-slimming cut and makes for a very peppy and cute look. It’s also called the ‘Spanish bob’. If you have thick and volumnious locks, go with a look like this one.


07/7The blunt chop

The blunt chop

When you're itching for a change — after a breakup or with the start of the new year — freshly chopped ends will mirror a metaphorical clean slate. All you will need are some gold hoops and some red lipstick to lend your look that fresh edge and chicness.
Will you be going the short way with your hair this season?