01/11Here's how you can look less bloated by tonight

Here's how you can look less bloated by tonight

A big meal can cause you to feel bloated fast. This generally happens due to excess gas production or if there is a disruption in the movement of the muscles in your digestive system. You can either feel slight discomfort or like you've eaten way too much. Your stomach may even appear to look bigger because of it, which is the last thing you need before heading out tonight. However, this issue doesn't have to spoil your evening. You can still look fabulous in that new outfit you bought especially for tonight. Here are a few quick tips you can try to feel less bloated by tonight.


02/11Do some activity

Do some activity

One of the best ways to get rid of bloating is to opt for some activity. It helps improve bowel movement which in turn can help get rid of the bloating. Just walking around your block will also do the trick.


03/11Try eating peppermint

Try eating peppermint

Peppermint is known to relieve bloating since it can relax the intestinal muscles. This helps improve bowel movement which can reduce bloating. So, invest in peppermint capsules if you're prone to regular bloating.


04/11Massage your abdomen

Massage your abdomen

One easy way to get rid of bloating is to just rub your belly. Place your hands on your abdomen and start rubbing in gentle circular motions. Rub your belly vertically and horizontally and you'll feel the effects in no time.


05/11Don't consume too many fruits

Don't consume too many fruits

Whether it's just plain fruits, fruit juices, or smoothies, try not to overload on fruits just because they're healthy. If you eat or drink too much of them you're bound to feel bloated especially if you opted for a huge glass of smoothie at the start of your day. Eat everything in moderation.


06/11Don't eat because you're bored

Don't eat because you're bored

Stop munching on unhealthy snacks while you're sitting at your desk staring at your laptop because you're bored. If you do that you won't be able to pay attention to how much you're eating and that can even interfere with the enzymes in your body that work to break down food and improve digestion.


07/11Eat according to the climate

Eat according to the climate

One of the best things you can do to avoid bloating is to eat according to the climate. So, if it's burning hot outside make sure you're eating cold foods and if it's super chilly outside make sure you're eating warm foods. This way your digestion is improved and bloating is avoided.


08/11Drink water

Drink water

Consuming lots of water can help tackle issues like constipation and dehydration, which tend to cause bloating. Swap a sweet beverage for good all water as it does not contain sweeteners and carbonation that can make you feel worse. You should also sip on a warm cup of water with lemon. It will help settle thing in your digestive system. You can also add a bit of cinnamon or cayenne pepper, both of which have anti-inflammatory properties.


09/11Stay away from dairy and salt

Stay away from dairy and salt

Lactose sensitivity could be a cause for feeling bloated, even if you experience a mild form of it. Some people who consume milk, cheese or yoghurt can tend to feel bloated or gas. While you don't have to cut it out completely (everything in moderation), you should avoid dairy products if you are attending a big event. Salt is another item you should stay away from as it causes the body to retain water. You could add pepper to your meals instead.


10/11Chew slowly

Chew slowly

Bloating can also be caused by consuming food too fast. This way you're swallowing more air than food. The key here is simple - chew slowly. You should also avoid chewing on gum for now. Opt for foods like asparagus, bananas and watermelon. These healthy foods promote good gut bacteria, potassium and reduce bloating. Eat these foods as a snack.