01/8These are the little ways that will help you go on a digital detox

These are the little ways that will help you go on a digital detox

How many times have you spoken about going on a digital detox and haven't found the dedication to do that? You might force yourself to stay away from your phone for a couple of hours but then you're hooked to your laptop screen to kill time. And by no means is it called reducing the screen time. You might know that excessive screen exposure can give you headaches, low concentration and indecisiveness as well. Basically, it isn't doing any good to your health. Hence, it's always a good idea to detox yourself from all digital machines and give your eyes some much needed rest. This is when we have a few ways with which you can actually reduce screen time for yourself. Make these lifestyle changes and you'll forever feel healthy and at ease.


02/8Spend some time out without your phone

Spend some time out without your phone

If nothing else works, start leaving your phone at home and go for a run or take a stroll in the park or treat yourself to coffee in a nearby cafe. It won't take long, but you'll definitely get used to reducing your screen time and enjoy more of such time. You will eventually won't feel the need to check your phone the whole time.


03/8Listen to audio-books

Listen to audio-books

It's a lot easier to listen to podcasts or audio-books if you can't get yourself to read a book. And instead of Netflix the entire day, you can form a habit of listening to some really good audio-books or podcasts. It'll keep you away from the screens for a long time.


04/8Get rid of your data plan

Get rid of your data plan

If you really want to make a difference, stop recharging your phone with data packs. You can manage to use your apps whenever it is connected to the WiFi, but otherwise since you won't have a data plan, it won't tempt you to keep checking your phone all the time.


05/8Call rather than texting

Call rather than texting

We do understand that calling is not always possible and many people don't like to have a telephonic conversation. But rather than texting for more hours on one subject, it is always better to get on a call and have a quick conversation of it all.


06/8Have a face to face meeting

Have a face to face meeting

Having video call meetings for hours long is way too exhausting for your eyes. It drains your energy as you have to sit still in one position throughout the meeting for all those long hours. Instead, have a face to face meeting and discuss all you want while sipping on some tea or coffee. This way, you'll meet more people in real, won't use your digital machines for all those hours and also have a break from the usual life.


07/8Use bullet journals

Use bullet journals

You might make notes on your phone or jot down reminders in your laptop. But if you wish to really get rid of the screens, you can invest some time and effort into maintaining bullet journals. They're easy, accessible and also fun to deal with.


08/8Get a library card

Get a library card

If you don't want to invest in buying books, the least you can do is get yourself a library card and do the good 'ol silent reading in a library. This will keep you away from any digital screens and also make you love more peaceful times in a quiet place. Not to forget, your knowledge will get wider and your language will get stronger.