01/6Glass skin, here we come!

Glass skin, here we come!

Asians moms, much like all Asian parents in general are feisty. Aside from their massive intellect, Asians are also well known for their beautiful, glowing skin. The inventors of ‘glass skin’ are global leaders when it comes to skincare. Asians have amazing skin. It’s general knowledge now, and we think, feisty Asians mothers should be credited for this literal spotless legacy. Asians practise great care while tending to their skin – and this is a practise that has been passed on to younger generations by their mothers. So if you’re in for some simple but effective skincare practises, that also practise great skin, read on. You’re in for a treat!


02/6Sheet masks, every day

Sheet masks, every day

This may seem excessive to you, but Asians love a sheet mask so much that they use it every day. The sheet masks are dripped in potent essence that promises you a hydrated skin that glows. Asian moms would advise you to use one every day, but you can just pop one up, every time your skin feels parched.


03/6Sleep is the cheapest spa

Sleep is the cheapest spa

Asian moms always say that sleep is your skin’s cheapest miracle worker. If your skin isn’t well-rested, no amount of miracle, luxurious products is going to help. But to reap the most benefits of your sleep, you must take that makeup off.


04/6Cleanse, twice

Cleanse, twice

Asians layer almost ten products on their skin every day. To ensure they reach the deepest layer of the skin, your face needs to be cleansed thoroughly. Hence, they double cleanse. This involves dissolving the makeup and dirt with an oil cleanser and then washing face with a foaming cleanser.


05/6Don’t miss the sunscreen

Don’t miss the sunscreen

While most moms in the rest of the world of applying sunscreen or sunblock on their young children, Asians moms think pretty much the opposite. They preach the benefits of applying sunscreen from a young age of ten. And you can tell it works. Have you ever wondered why Asian women look so young? Yup, sunscreen!


06/6Start using eye cream, as soon as you can

Start using eye cream, as soon as you can

But a good potent eye cream is hella expensive. Do I really need it? If we’re thinking the way Asian moms do, yes. Asian skincare is on the basis on strengthening and nourishing skin before it’s damaged. Applying a nourishing eye cream on damaged skin will barely make any difference.