01/7Is applying makeup making your skin breakout? Here are some skincare tips you must know!

Is applying makeup making your skin breakout? Here are some skincare tips you must know!

While makeup may bring out the artist in you and enable you show off the best, most polished version of yourself, it also has its fair share of critics. While some say it may give you give you a sort of facial dysmorphia, because you always feel the need to cover up your face, others have pressing concerns. Critics say, since makeup covers up your face completely, your skin doesn’t get the chance to breathe, leading nasty breakouts. A good skincare routine can easily take care of that. So, if you’re a fan of makeup, and would like to keep your skin looking healthy, here some things you should definitely make sure are a part of your skincare routine.


02/7Treat yo self!

Treat yo self!

Exposing your skin to makeup products everyday can be harsh on the skin. Help your skin replenish with an at-home treatment once in every 7 to 14 days. Exfoliating with clay and activated charcoal is on the rise. However, if your skin is sensitive scrubbing will do more harm than good. In such a case, it’s advisable to opt for a sheet mask for gentle rejuvenation.


03/7Get your beauty sleep

Get your beauty sleep

We can’t stress this enough. Sleep is necessary to help the skin rejuvenate and exude a bright, energized glow. How else would the tiredness after a late night show in your eyes, otherwise?


04/7Remove makeup gently but effectively

Remove makeup gently but effectively

Using a makeup wipe to remove your makeup and being done with is passé, cuz frankly it isn’t enough. If you’re committed towards your skin, begin with a good cleansing routine. For this, douse your cotton pad with micellar water and swipe all over your face and neck and wherever the makeup to take the day, dust and makeup off your face.


05/7Start double cleansing

Start double cleansing

Despite all your careful approach towards makeup removal, your skin still suffers breakouts, you need to take it a step further. Try double cleansing. It is essentially just cleansing your face twice. Begin by breaking down your makeup with an oil cleanser. (Don’t worry, it won’t clog your pores.) Once done, wash all of that with a gel cleanser. Squeaky clean skin guaranteed.


06/7Use an antioxidant serum

Use an antioxidant serum

If your skincare routine doesn’t involve a serum step, start it right up. You can start by using an antioxidant serum, like a vitamin C serum. It will give your skin the much needed boost to brighten complexion and protect your skin further from environmental agressors like pollution, dirt and sun damage.




Ever noticed a pimple pop after a greasy meal the night before, or a dull looking face after a careless binge session with sweets? It’s no news that food largely affects how you look and feel. While eating a balanced diet is the key, set a detox plan to get the best out of your skin. Here’s how celebs indulge in a beautifying cleanse: