11/14Use natural light

Use natural light

Scientists have proven that natural light exposure is strongly connected to our body’s wakefulness triggers. The sunlight is an excellent way to reshape your body’s clock and get you going for the day. So before going to bed, keep your curtains open, so that you rise up, along with the sun!


12/14Get an app that uses your natural sleep cycles to wake you

Get an app that uses your natural sleep cycles to wake you

Wouldn’t you like to wake up exactly when you’re done having a proper restful sleep? Turns out, there an app for that - Sleep Better. All you have to do is keep your app next to you on your mattress. The app then figures out when you’re sleeping most soundly, depending on your movement. You can set up wake up time window. The app wakes you up; right after your restful sleep is complete, in the time window provided by you.


13/14Make your bedroom a sleep haven

Make your bedroom a sleep haven

While the act of sleeping isn’t exactly a task, the same can’t be said about going to sleep. Keeping your bedroom dark when you go to sleep will help you fall asleep more easily, helping you feel more refreshed when you wake up at an ungodly hour. Remove all blinky lights from your bedroom, or cover them up — especially blue lights, which disrupt your body's melatonin levels, making you feel alert and awake when you want to feel sleepy.


14/14Wake yourself up fully

Wake yourself up fully

When you do wake up, you may stumble around feeling sluggish and unable to focus. There are a number of approaches to help you feel more alert. Consider buying an aromatherapy diffuser for your bedroom. Inhaling a stimulating essential oil can awaken your senses and get you energized. Peppermint, spearmint, citrus scents and bergamot can increase your alertness. Expose yourself to natural light as soon as possible to increase your wakefulness, put on some tunes and jump around to get the blood pumping, and drink a glass of water, an act which has been shown to increase feelings of alertness.