01/6You can switch soda for these healthy drinks instead

You can switch soda for these healthy drinks instead

Soda is honestly quite a tempting offer when the sun is hitting hard and all we can think of is a nice cool drink by the roadside. That instant hissing sound as soon as you open a soda bottle in itself brings you at ease. But the fact remains that sodas aren't all that great for your health. There are so many reasons why you must stop drinking soda. Instead, there are many more options that you can rather pick and they can equally refresh you instantly. So if you're willing to quit soda and pick a substitute for this summer vibe, we've got you a list full of amazing healthy drinks to pick from.


02/6Fresh vegetable juices

Fresh vegetable juices

Vegetable juices are quick to make, low in calorie and gives you a lot of health benefits. They are also low in natural sugars than fruit juices. You can opt for veggie juices instead of sodas when you get tempted to quench the summer thirst. This way, you will stay hydrated and these juices will keep you feeling full for longer hours too.


03/6Fruit-infused water

Fruit-infused water

Summers are for fruits and you can really change the way your water tastes by adding your favourite fruits to it. If you're bored of munching on chopped fruits, you can make some fruit-infused water and use it as refreshments too. Quite a healthy option to make instead of soda.




If you're not into teas, you can try coffee instead. There are so many varieties of coffees that you can try your hand at. Also, you can either sip on some cold coffee or hot coffee. Drinking coffee is linked to lower rates of certain cancers and also lowers the risk of depression. You can very much use coffee as a soda substitute.


05/6Hot tea

Hot tea

If you aren't a big fan of iced drinks, you can very much opt for a hot tea. There are so many health benefits of different types of hot teas too. Hot tea can also calm you down all too well. It can support good digestion as well as a healthy immune system. Say goodbye to soda!


06/6Iced tea

Iced tea

Unsweetened iced tea is a really refreshing drink to sip on instead of soda. The caffeine content is a natural pick-me-up. You don't have to turn iced tea into sweet tea with tones of added sugar. Just unsweetened iced tea will do its job of satisfying your thirst and making you feel refreshed.