01/12Love a neon eye look? These eyeshadow palettes won’t disappoint

Love a neon eye look? These eyeshadow palettes won’t disappoint

Like it or not, the neon trend has made a comeback, and from the looks of it, the comeback looks big. Of course, we do understand that the neon trend can be jarring and too much to look at. Hence picking up a neon jacket or neon dress might just seem too much, especially to the newbie. Thanks to the trend, the beauty world is churning out neon eyeshadows left, right and centre. However, finding a perfectly pigmented neon eyeshadow palette is a tad difficult. Lucky for you, you have us! We’re listing out some of our favourite neon eyeshadow palettes you can find right now.


02/12Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palettes – BOLD

Smashbox  Cover Shot Eye Palettes – BOLD

These portable, pigment-powered eye shadow palettes are made to mesmerize. Each Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette has a curated mix of colors, formulas & finishes so you can create your own looks & nail the latest trends. This palette consists some of the most saturated mattes you will find in the market.


03/12Sephora Pro Editorial Palette

Sephora Pro Editorial Palette

If you don't already know, here's a tip: Sephora's house brand is one to watch. Their products are strikingly similar to a lot of their best sellers, with a lower price point.Their single shadows have always been pigmented and blendable, but their three new palettes take their shadow formula to the next level. If you can stand a little kickback, you'll get extreme color payoff that blends effortlessly.


04/12Viseart 08 Editorial Brights Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart 08 Editorial Brights Matte Eyeshadow Palette

From electric blues, bright yellows to eclectic greens, this all matte palette neons is perfectif you need a hint of neon in your eye makeup, every once in a while.


05/12Morphe 25L Live in Colour Artistry Palette

Morphe 25L Live in Colour Artistry Palette

Not only does this Morphe palette house incredible shades, 100% of net proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, a US-based nonprofit, to help fund 24/7 suicide prevention & crisis intervention services for LGBTQ+ youth.


06/12Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette

Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette

If you love all things neon, you will love this one. This palette includes a wide spectrum of colour in their brightest and mattes form, you can create many bright neon eye looks with just this one.


07/12Too Faced Life Is a Festival

Too Faced Life Is a Festival

Find bright, shimmer and neon palettes in this palette. With a highlighting shade that ties the whole look together, you can create endless looks for music festivals, parties or simply when you’re feeling too festive.


08/12Karity 21 Shadow In Matte

Karity 21 Shadow In Matte

This palette will give you a good dose of matte neons and matte neutrals giving you the rare ability to create a complete look with just one palette. No more patchy applications.


09/12Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palette

Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palette

Huda Beauty came up with a travel sized neon palettes with all the shebang – we’re talking nine pigmented, matte, metallic and shades that give you no fall out whatsoever. They are available in shades of pink, green and orange – so that you can beautiful chromatic look or just that hint of neon.


10/12Tarte Let It Rainbow Set

Tarte Let It Rainbow Set

Beauty biggie, Tarte collaborated with YouTuber, Jessie Paege to come up with their brand new ‘Let it Rain-bow Eye Set.’ As the name suggests it includes rainbow-bright matte and pearlescent eyeshadow shades. It also comes with a lash curling mascara that lasts for the better part of the day.