01/8Extreme weight loss can get really worse for your body

Extreme weight loss can get really worse for your body

Being overweight has as many adverse effects to the health as being underweight does. Our body weight invites a lot of health issues unless it's perfectly balanced and well maintained. There are many ways in which you can control what goes in and out of your body. Right from exercising to dieting, we usually have a lot to follow even based on the latest trends on keeping healthy. But there are times when people choose the extreme ways and tend to affect their health in order to shed some kilos and look in shape. Know that not everything works for everybody. Every person's body is shaped differently and can only do things that are in its reach. And when people choose extreme weight lose over a healthy way, there are negative side effects that takes place which in turn deteriorates the person's health even more. Here's the dark side of extreme weight loss.


02/8Your sleep gets affected

Your sleep gets affected

Carb restriction can affect your hormones and not consuming these carbs in the night can affect your sleep in negative ways. Extreme eight loss in a short period of time might start making you feel cold more often and can also make your metabolism slow.


03/8You have troubles with periods

You have troubles with periods

Rapid weight loss can give you irregular periods or make your periods stop completely. Carb restriction can affect the protein in your body which makes the period cycle fluctuate. Your body enters into starvation mode which affects your periods.


04/8You lose muscles

You lose muscles

People focus on losing weight so much that they don't realise they're not just losing fat but also muscle mass. And having more muscle helps you burn more calories, if you lose muscle mass you'll find it difficult to cut down on weight in a balanced format.


05/8Stretch marks

Stretch marks

Remember that losing weight rapidly can put to to high risks of many health conditions. You must at all times keep your skin moisturized so as to avoid the kind of stretch marks losing weight can being at various regions of your body.


06/8Loose skin

Loose skin

Know that not your entire skin might have the kind of elasticity to go back to normal when you lose extreme weight. You might also get some excess saggy skin which is unavoidable in such cases.




Losing weight can sometimes lead to depression. People at times have unrealistic expectations from their own selves which eventually messes up with their might and doesn't let them be at peace until they see their desired number on the weighing scale.


08/8Uneven weight loss

Uneven weight loss

If you're too hard on yourself, you might end up losing weight unevenly. This has everything to do with the type of fat cells in every part of your body and how all of them respond to hormone signals.