01/15Foods that can cause sleep issues

Foods that can cause sleep issues

You might know a few things about what all can cause sleep issues and ways to cure them. And you also might be the person who'd eat early dinners and go to bed at a reasonable time in the nights. Although, there will be times when you just can't get yourself to sleep and you keep wondering what went wrong. This is when food comes into the picture. Yes, you read that right. The quote 'you are what you eat' stand absolutely true as even your sleep depends on the foods you've eaten before bedtime. There's a list of foods that you should absolutely avoid if you wish to sleep like a baby and we're going to provide you with just that. Make sure you don't consume these foods or else you'll very much experience insomnia or other sleep related issues.


02/15Green tea or matcha

Green tea or matcha

Green tea is the kind of beverage that you can sip on through the day time. But it is important to not have it in the night time as it can give you a feeling of nervousness, overall anxiety or increased heart rate. Hence, it's better to keep this drink for the day time only.


03/15Raw onions

Raw onions

Onions have the ability to build gas in your stomach and also forms acidity that enters back in your esophagus. Raw onions can also potentially give you long-lasting reflux especially to people who suffer from heartburn. Hence, it is advised to avoid onions before bedtime.


04/15French fries

French fries

Greasy and high-fat foods are going to trigger heartburn which might not let you sleep in the night. You should be avoiding these foods that are coated in oil.




Any kind of soda should totally be avoided before you go to bed. Sodas are loaded with lots of caffeine and sugar. And this combination isn't going to get you sleeping anytime soon.




It's a no-brainier to know that you're not supposed to have caffeine anytime near to your time of sleeping. It can stimulate the central nervous system many hours after consumption. And if you're very sensitive to caffeine, you should totally avoid it or else be ready to lose your night sleep.




Believe it or not, having pizza a few hours before bedtime can actually disrupt your sleep. It's because of the combination of fat in the cheese and the acid that tomato sauce has that ends up giving you a hard time to sleep. High acid foods can trigger acid reflux especially if eaten around bedtime.




If you happen to suffer from acid reflux, it might be due to the high-fat content in cheese that might have made you feel like your esophagus is eroding and this can affect your sleep in the night. This is because full-fat dairy products can keep you fuller for longer hours.


09/15High Sugar Cereals

High Sugar Cereals

Consuming high-sugar cereals will only make your blood sugar shoot up and crash. This will affect greatly to your sleep schedules. Hence, choose cereals that are less sugary.


10/15Hot sauce

Hot sauce

Just like hot pepper, hot sauces are also something you should avoid during nights. The hot sauces get their heat from chilli peppers which can give you intense heartburn.