01/25Foods that can cause sleep issues

Foods that can cause sleep issues

You might know a few things about what all can cause sleep issues and ways to cure them. And you also might be the person who'd eat early dinners and go to bed at a reasonable time in the nights. Although, there will be times when you just can't get yourself to sleep and you keep wondering what went wrong. This is when food comes into the picture. Yes, you read that right. The quote 'you are what you eat' stand absolutely true as even your sleep depends on the foods you've eaten before bedtime. There's a list of foods that you should absolutely avoid if you wish to sleep like a baby and we're going to provide you with just that. Make sure you don't consume these foods or else you'll very much experience insomnia or other sleep related issues.




Oranges sure are healthy for us as they're high in vitamin C, but they're also highly acidic which can in fact keep you up from sound sleep. Fruits like these can cause heaart burn or make the symptoms even worse if you consume on an empty stomach.




By now you must know that anything sugary consumed just before bedtime is going to give you troubles in sleeping. It's always told to eat sweets a few hours before or just keep them for the day time. Cake is one of those things which can bring you difficulty in sleeping and so should be avoided right before bedtime.




Cookies might seem like a great idea to snack on before bedtime, but it actually ins't. You might just end up getting bizarre dreams after you eat something sugary and specifically something like cookies.


05/25Ice cream

Ice cream

A dairy bases as well as high sugar content, ice creams are a big no before bedtime. It might not make you feel good but ice creams might even cause nightmares to some. So make sure you keep your ice creams dates for a little earlier than right before the time you sleep.




With the kind of flavoured yogurts that we're getting these days, it's all the added sugar in the frozen yogurt that doesn't give you a good night's sleep. You're not supposed to eat any sugary foods before you hit the bed as it makes it difficult for you to get any sleep anytime soon.


07/25Jam and jelly

Jam and jelly

If you're eating a peanut butter sandwich, you're going to have some jelly in there too. But foods like jam and jelly rates the highest in acid forming. And so, these aren't to be consumed before you plan on sleeping. It's for sure going to make you feel uncomfortable.


08/25Peanut butter

Peanut butter

If you often suffer from acid reflux, it could be due to your consumption of peanut butter in the form of anything before bed. Peanuts are one of the higher-in-fat nuts which means just 2 tablespoons of peanut butter roughly contains 3.3 grams of saturated fat. This is why your chest is in distress.




It isn't a good thing to kiss someone good night while your breath smells of onion, is it? Exactly why you shouldn't consume raw onions before bedtime. They cause gas that affects the pressure in your stomach. It makes your meal and acidity enter back in your esophagus. Onions can also cause long lasting reflux feelings.




Chips are greasy and grease messes up with your digestive tract. You should completely avoid munching on some chips before bedtime as it will make it hard for you to fall asleep.