01/32Foods that can cause sleep issues

Foods that can cause sleep issues

You might know a few things about what all can cause sleep issues and ways to cure them. And you also might be the person who'd eat early dinners and go to bed at a reasonable time in the nights. Although, there will be times when you just can't get yourself to sleep and you keep wondering what went wrong. This is when food comes into the picture. Yes, you read that right. The quote 'you are what you eat' stand absolutely true as even your sleep depends on the foods you've eaten before bedtime. There's a list of foods that you should absolutely avoid if you wish to sleep like a baby and we're going to provide you with just that. Make sure you don't consume these foods or else you'll very much experience insomnia or other sleep related issues.


02/32Salad dressing

Salad dressing

Salad is always a great idea, however be careful with the dressing you top it with. Many of the famous store-bought salad dressings have hidden sources of sugar which can make it difficult for you to sleep. Check those nutrition labels at all times.




We all know how pasta is a plate full of carbohydrates and so it can make it difficult for you to fall asleep if you're having it right before your bedtime. You can in fact eat all these carbs in the day time so your body has enough time to process them before you sleep.




Garlic can give you the kind of heartburn that won't let you sleep in peace during the nighttime. And so, it's better to not consume anything that has a lot of garlic in it right before bedtime. A small amount of the same is alright but make sure you consume it in moderation.


05/32Hot cocoa

Hot cocoa

This shouldn't come as a surprise but chocolate and other dairy products can always make it difficult for you to sleep in the night. The fact that hot cocoa is a mixture of sugar and milk with chocolate powder is reason enough to avoid it as it will affect your sleep. Hence, it's better to avoid a steaming cup of hot cocoa before bedtime.




Thinking that a high-fat or high-protein dinner will keep you full all night long is rather going to keep you up all night as well. Like many other foods on the list, a steak dinner can also give you indigestion issues or acid reflux.




Since tomatoes are high in both malic and citric acid, it can cause your stomach to produce a lot of gastric acid. This gastric acid has no outlet except your esophagus where it can cause acid reflux. In turn this can disrupt your sleep.




As much as it can get tempting to bite on a chocolate piece in the night, it is not advised. Chocolates contain caffeine which means it will very much affect your sleep if consumed during those hours. This also includes chocolate ice creams and not just chocolate bars. So make sure you cut down on the consumption of chocolates in the nights and only munch on them in the day time.




You might think that eating fruits before bedtime doesn't affect your body. But grapefruits are very low-cal and high in vitamin C and potassium. They might give you the kind of acidity you'd not want during your sleep hours. It's a fruit that can easily trigger heartburn and so you need to not consume it before bed.




Cookies might seem like a great idea to snack on before bedtime, but it actually ins't. You might just end up getting bizarre dreams after you eat something sugary and specifically something like cookies.