01/11Did you know these natural ingredients in skincare products could irritate your skin?

Did you know these natural ingredients in skincare products could irritate your skin?

Now is the time for all things natural. With each passing day, people become all the more obsessed with natural skincare ingredients owing to their 'magical' skin healing properties. These natural ingredients are not just deemed to be better but are also touted to be a lot safer than chemical ingredients and some of them might be that way but that doesn't mean all natural ingredients can be good for you. In fact, there are certain natural ingredients in skincare products that could even irritate your skin. So, be very careful about what you pick up because it might not be as good for your skin as you imagine it to be. Take a look at some common irritants.




Cinnamon is well known in the skincare circle for its anti-bacterial properties, which is why it is often used in products for acne. However, cinnamon can easily react terribly if your skin is sensitive. It can cause redness and inflammation if not used correctly or on sensitive skin type.




Aluminum is commonly found in deodorant and antiperspirant because it helps reduce sweating. But because it's a salt, it can cause redness, itching, and even swelling.So if you’re deodorant is not doing it, it’s time you switched to a aluminum-free formulation.


04/11Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is potent ingredient for treating acne. But it’s extremely strong. So much, that it is rarely advised to be used in its original concentrated form. If you’re using it in a concentrated form to spot treat, ensure that you’re washing it off in an hour.




"Fragrances are the number one cause of allergies on the skin," says an expert. While many products claim that they use natural fragrances and some even claim to be fragrance-free, these fragrances are actually chemical compounds and can cause some severe reactions to the skin.


06/11Colophony (plant resin)

Colophony (plant resin)

This is yet another natural ingredient that skincare products use. While it's clear that this ingredient comes from plants, people must also understand that not everything that comes from plants can be good for their skin.


07/11Lanolin (wool wax)

Lanolin (wool wax)

Lanolin is commonly found in moisturisers as it claims to treat dry and rough skin. However, it also has a rather bad reputation for acting as a skin irritant and for good reason. It can cause severe allergic reactions, which is why you should be very careful while purchasing a product that contains it.


08/11Essential Oils

Essential Oils

How many times have we been told that essential oils can work wonders for our skin? These wondrous oils and especially lavender essential oil can actually prove to be very bad for the skin owing to their contents. They can sting, burn and irritate the skin to the extent of peeling and inflammation which is why you must never use them undiluted. In fact, it would be best to just steer clear of them altogether.




This magical ingredient is common in the Indian household and it's no secret that turmeric is used in multiple skincare products and DIYs. But this ingredient that is claimed to give your skin a beautiful glow can actually make it much worse. Apart from ending up with a face that looks stark yellow, turmeric can also reduce melanin production in your skin which can make it prone to nasty tans.


10/11Lemon and Lime

Lemon and Lime

Lemons are supposed to be skin brightening agents, which is why they're used in multiple skincare products. But they also happen to be highly acidic in nature with a pH level of 3 which can even go down to 2. Imagine what that could do to your skin! It can cause severe inflammations and chemical burns on your skin. So, steer clear of anything that contains lime or lemon, opt for something with Vitamin C instead.