01/13Silent health symptoms you must know of

Silent health symptoms you must know of

Thinking and knowing are twp different things and all of it turns into a serious topic when it comes to your health. You might keep thinking that you're leading a healthy life and overlook a few things here and there. But till the time you don't know about it, you're not really healthy. There are chances that you're doing everything right according to you, but might be suffering in silence with absolutely no realization about it. This is why you're supposed to recognize the silent health symptoms that could indicate serious health issues.


02/13You're very sensitive to temperature

You're very sensitive to temperature

Some people find it really difficult to deal with cold or hot temperatures. This means they're intolerable to heat or cold and it could be an indication of a thyroid problem.


03/13Your ankles are swollen

Your ankles are swollen

Some people find it really difficult to even normally walk sometimes and that's because of their swollen ankles. Now, some might get swollen ankles after a long flight which is quite normal. But if you're suffering from the same all day everyday, then there's something wrong with your body. This could be due to your heart not functioning well, which results in inadequate circulation of blood which gives a swelling to your feet and ankles.


04/13You have discolored eyes

You have discolored eyes

Yellowing of the eye in the otherwise white areas could also indicate that your're not fine. It could be a sign of underlying issue which involves the pancreas, gall bladder or liver.


05/13You have dry skin

You have dry skin

Your routine for washing the face might also be a reason for dry skin. Skin conditions are very sensitive and could also be a huge indicator of what's going in the gut. Inflammation or consumption of allergenic food could result in acne, dry skin, and other skin disorders.


06/13Your fingernails are changing

Your fingernails are changing

You can always check the health of your nails. If you find your fingernails changing then it could be related to the diet that you follow or your habits like smoking. It could also be early signs of circulation problems or other internal issues.


07/13Your breath smells

Your breath smells

Just onion-filled food isn't the reason behind bad breath all the time. It's often associated with gingivitis or even gum diseases which wouldn't seem like a big deal, but sure is.


08/13You are always thirsty

You are always thirsty

Oftentimes you's start to crave for a glass of water and it's normal if you feel this urge after an intense workout or hectic activity. But if you need water constantly even while sitting at your desk then there could be a problem. Excessive thirst could indicate blood sugar imbalance and it could even be an early sign of insulin dysregulation or diabetes.


09/13You snore

You snore

Snoring isn't just annoying but also regarded as one of the silent signs of an unhealthy body. Sleep apnea might cause you to snore through the sleep and it could lead to heart diseases.


10/13You start getting wrinkles

You start getting wrinkles

Our skin tends to crease a little and lose its elasticity as we start ageing. But even wrinkles can be a silent sign of something that you can definitely work on and that's your protein intake.