01/8Couples should keep these things private in their relationship

Couples should keep these things private in their relationship

In the age of social media where every couple is trying to achieve an unachievable level of #CoupleGoals, people are often sharing moments on social media that should be private. Things about one’s personal relationships are also shared with their friends. While it’s completely alright to share a part of your relationship with social media or with friends, there are certain things that should best between the two of you. After all, it is a private relationship! That being said, let’s not forget, sharing private things about your relationship can even turn out to be counterproductive. In case you’re wondering what they could be, read on.


02/8Intimacy stuff

Intimacy stuff

You don't need to talk to people about how great sex was last night with your partner. Nobody wants to hear about the intimate details of your relationship or whether you're having problems in bed with your partner. These are all things that you should discuss with your partner and nobody else.


03/8Confidential things

Confidential things

You and your partner have a certain bond with each other and you trust each other which is why he must have told you something confidential. But just because you trust some friend of yours doesn't mean you need to tell them about the confidential things your partner has entrusted you with.


04/8Your partner's insecurities

Your partner's insecurities

Say your partner isn't all that handy around the house or say that he's clumsy and those are not things that you're particularly fond of. Now, this is something that you can talk about with your partner but not with someone else. People shouldn't hear you badmouthing your partner.


05/8Financial or legal issues

Financial or legal issues

Everyone desired financial stability. This is probably the reason why most couples split due to the absence of it. But life isn’t always a bed of roses and certain phases might arise where you two are trading tumultuous waters financially and legally. It’s best if you tackle these things together, than sharing it with someone else. Take it as opportunity to chalk out a plan together and come out it as well.


06/8Your fights

Your fights

Who hasn’t run up to their friends or gave them a call to rant to them about a recent fight you’ve had with your partner. While this might work out now, but will bottle up rather negatively in the future. Your friend’s view about your partner would suck. So if you’re with someone you would like to stick around, keep your fights to yourself.


07/8Family problems

Family problems

Anything related to your family can either be deeply personal or just plain embarrassing. So it’s best you kept those things to yourself, especially if your partner doesn’t indulge in sharing things about their lives with friends as much as you do. If your partner is sharing things about their family with you, all you can do is listen, and keep it to yourself.


08/8Your partner’s annoying habits

Your partner’s annoying habits

No matter how perfect your partner may be, there is a high chance you find a few of their habits rather annoying. While there isn’t anything wrong with venting about this to your friends, it maybe borderline- rude if you haven’t spoken about it with your partner first!