01/23All the things that are apt for the parent-kid duo

All the things that are apt for the parent-kid duo

The role of a parent in a kid's life is of utmost importance and so parents should always indulge in things that will help their kids grow into better people in the coming years. It becomes very important to lead by example when you're a parent because this is what will help your kids turn into decent adults. And spending quality time with your kids can also help improve your bond with them. So, if you're looking for ways in which you can help add value to your relationship with your children, here are some things you must do with them at least once. Scroll on below to take a look.


02/23Do something really fun that'll help make for an amazing memory

Do something really fun that'll help make for an amazing memory

Your children might not remember all the things you've said to them and taught them but if you make a good gesture, they're bound to remember that and it might just become one of their fondest memory. Plan a surprise for them or do something completely opposite of what you'd do and see just how glad they'll be if you're letting loose.


03/23Cook a new dish for them

Cook a new dish for them

Yes, there are always chances that your child might not enjoy what you made but that doesn't mean you should give up. Tell them that you decided to do something special and came up with a new food item and they'll still be happy with the gesture you made.


04/23Engage in individual parenting time

Engage in individual parenting time

Studies have found that moms and dads employ different methods to teach their kids basic things and these methods can help your kids understand what is right and what is wrong. It was also found that these kids are better at schoolwork, problem-solve more successfully and even cope better with situations.


05/23Teach them to say 'I Love You'

Teach them to say 'I Love You'

Teach them the importance of saying 'I Love You' by saying it to them. You could also make this a regular practise as it'll encourage your kids to be more open about how they feel. It'll also show them that you're super affectionate towards them.


06/23Show physical affection

Show physical affection

Most kids crave for physical affection and warmth because it truly shows them just how much you love them. Give them a peck on the cheek every once in a while, hug them when they're feeling down or unwell and pat them on the back when they achieve something good. These small gestures can improve their self-esteem and turn them into warm and loving individuals.


07/23Leave funny or loving notes for them

Leave funny or loving notes for them

It could be anything from a sticky note telling them they're adorable to a 'Have a great day' message written on a note on their lunch box. Trust us, when you show them love and affection in these cute ways, they'll know just how much you care about them. It's often the little things kids remember later on.


08/23Give them a random gift

Give them a random gift

If you've noticed that your child has been on their best behaviour for as long as you can remember, reward them with a random gift. It could even be something super simple like a bar of their favourite chocolate. It's the gesture that counts and it'll show them that doing good deeds is the right way to go.


09/23Play hooky with the kids

Play hooky with the kids

You will never want your kids to miss their class just to hang out with their friends and so you should plan a parent-approved day off from school. This day, you should rather spend it with your kids in a fun way. They will remember such days where you allowed them to stay home for the say and watched movies together. It's quite a memory to look back. Just make sure you don't overdo it.

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10/23Take a mental health day with them

Take a mental health day with them

In this modern age, it has become very necessary to know if you and your kid is doing good mentally as well as physically. Taking a mental health day together will give you two the kind of time you need together to understand each other better and to bond on a different level.

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