01/8Some fights are just not worth another thought

Some fights are just not worth another thought

A disagreement between two people is inevitable, but when you’re in a relationship or in a shared space like a married couple, the stakes are high. Of course, fights and arguments always make their presence felt in a relationship. And sadly, they don’t once you get married either. Perhaps, they get worse. But ‘happy couples’ isn’t a myth According to experts, happily married couples stay that way because they know that some fights are just not worth having. So if you’re exhausted with the up teem number of fights with your partners, ahead are some fights that you could easily avoid, according to happily married couples.


02/8Everyday Annoyances

Everyday Annoyances

When you're married, there are a lot of little things that can make you mad like your partner's cleanliness or their willingness to do chores. But if you let all of those little annoyances get to you, it'll only lead to stress and tension within the relationship. Prioritize and only address the most serious of annoyances. Be clear that you are not criticizing your spouse, only their behavior.


03/8Your Partner's Life Outside Of The Relationship

Your Partner's Life Outside Of The Relationship

When you meet your partner, you are very accepting of the fact that your partner is more than the person he is than he just is with you. There’s more to him and happily married couples are vary of that. They understand that it’s normal for your partner to develop hobbies, interests outside of the marriage. Arguing about it will only hurt your relationship. However, it’s okay to bring it up if you feel your partner’s priorities seem to shift.


04/8Your Partner's Social Media Habits

Your Partner's Social Media Habits

Truth be told, no matter how much social media might seem like a trivial thing in our lives, its importance is ever going, which doesn’t make it surprising when it’s an issue between two people. For example, if you’re always on social media and regularly put things up about your relationship on social media and partner is a private person, it might seem like your partner is hiding something. That doesn’t have to be the case always. Aside from not bringing your social media habits between each other, it is also important to spend tech-free time with your partner.


05/8Things That Have Happened In The Past

Things That Have Happened In The Past

You will never find a happily married couple fight about something that has already happened and we can see why. Something that happened in the past will not affect the course of the relationship. So why bother? But there is an exception. Unless it’s a thing deeply painful like infidelity, we don’t see why it should be something that’s worth arguing about.


06/8Your Partner's Intentions

Your Partner's Intentions

How many times have you had an argument purely based on the fact that you think your partner intended to hurt by doing certain thing? Many, right? Here’s the thing, there is a good chance, it is just an assumption. And if you’re having an argument about it, your partner has said that it wasn’t their true intention to hurt you. Trust us, arguing about your partner’s true intention will take you nowhere. So, quit it and stop wasting your time.


07/8Who's Right And Who's Wrong

Who's Right And Who's Wrong

The blame game rarely ever comes out with favourable results. If you blame your partner for something, most likely they will get defensive and fight back instead. It makes more sense to practice acceptance instead. Start by accepting that partners often view an issue or event through different lenses and create space in your relationship for two different viewpoints.


08/8Your In-Laws

Your In-Laws

If you don't get along with your in-laws, it can put a major strain on your relationship. Your partner can't change their family, so fighting with them about it is just pointless. It's one of those things you can choose to accept or not.