01/6Planning a virtual wedding during this pandemic? Remember these things

Planning a virtual wedding during this pandemic? Remember these things

The coronavirus pandemic has stirred up a storm all over the world and unfortunately, is showing no signs of slowing down. Because of this, people were forced to practice social distancing and this meant that weddings had to be postponed. Well, some people took it upon themselves to get married anyway and nowadays we've been seeing plenty of couples who are opting for virtual weddings during this pandemic. So, if much like them you too have decided that pandemic or no pandemic, you are going to get married even if it has to be virtually, here are some things you must keep in mind.

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02/6Choose the right platform

Choose the right platform

If you want 50 people to be able to view your wedding live then you need to choose a platform that works best for that. You need to ensure that everything is set up properly at your end so that your virtual guests can be a proper part of your ceremony.


03/6Include your family

Include your family

Indian weddings are all about having fun with your family so it kind of sucks that they won't physically be there for your wedding. But assure them that they can still be a part of your wedding virtually. Make sure to arrange for them to be able to see your wedding functions virtually and include them in your wedding rituals.


04/6Take some professional help

Take some professional help

Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, take some professional help. Wedding planners can help make the right arrangements for you and can ensure that you enjoy your wedding while they take care of other things.


05/6Send invites in advance

Send invites in advance

Make sure to send out invites to all your friends and loved ones in advance so that they can reserve that time to be there for your wedding even if it's virtually. Let them know that you'd like them to be there on your special day.


06/6Follow proper rules

Follow proper rules

You might still have a bunch of people at your wedding so make sure to follow proper social distancing rules while you're there. Don't form clusters unnecessarily and don't step outside if you don't need to. It would also be great if only limited people were to be present at the ceremony.