11/12Not protecting your skin

Not protecting your skin
We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Do not skip sunscreen! Do you know why? The sun is responsible for 90% of how your skin ages – yes, genetics play a part, but so does sunblock! Use a sunblock for the face that has minimum factor 30 SPF, and a UVA rating of 4-star or higher (or PA++++). The SPF protects against UVB rays that burn the skin, while UVA (or PA) protects against UVA rays that penetrate deeper into the skin and destroy collagen – both are essential!readmore

12/12Forgetting about your neck and eyes

Forgetting about your neck and eyes

People often neglect their eye cream and continuing their routine down their neck. Crow’s feet and a neck are some of the most obvious signs of aging, so even if your face is looking flawless, if you’ve forgotten about your neck, it will be a serious giveaway of your age. Continue your entire skincare regime down your neck; this means double cleansing your neck as well.