01/6Suffering from insomnia? Here's what you need to do

Suffering from insomnia? Here's what you need to do

There could be a lot of reasons why you aren't able to sleep too well. It could be the kind of food you've eaten before bedtime or the consumption of a drink that keeps you awake. There could also be a chance of you suffering from sleep disorder or least the kind of lifestyle that you maintain. Hormonal imbalance or work stress could also contribute to your insomnia issues. All of these reasons then come in way of your health and you got to do everything that it takes to not fall weak. Fixing our sleep will majorly help you feel better. And to fix insomnia, you need to find ways that puts you to sleep like a baby. Here's what you need to do in order to beat insomnia and achieve deep sleep.


02/6Surrender your breath

Surrender your breath

Deep sleep comes difficult to those who are shallow breathers as the sympathetic nervous system of theirs is active which raises the heart-rate. To avoid this, you need to lie on your back and practice surrendered breathing where you wait for the breaths to come and get our mind out of the way. When you're trying to breath, there's tension in your body and so your rib cage is tense and can't expand it right. Surrendered breathing helps in relaxing your body completely which creates much space in your body to breathe.


03/6Hum like a bee

Hum like a bee

One very effective way to get yourself out of insomnia and sleep like a baby is to hum like a bee while you try to sleep. Close your mouth, inhale through your nose and exhale while humming. The deep, healing vibration of the hummign will put you to sleep in no time and give you good sleep.


04/6Have a good laugh

Have a good laugh

Watch a funny show or series in the evening which will release oxytocin in your body which is a happy hormone that relaxes and strengthens your immune system. This will also make you sleep easy and better in the night.


05/6Massage your jaw

Massage your jaw

If you have trouble falling asleep, it could be because of the grinding of your teeth in your sleep. This makes the jaw muscles tighter than you'd realise which then creates stress in the body. For this, you need to massage the corners of your jaw with your middle finger in small circular motions as deeply as you can.


06/6Eat cherries and dates

Eat cherries and dates

Choose the natural way and include dates and cherries in your diet. You could also consume bananas, milk or oatmeal as these too produce melatonin in the body which induces sleep.